Quarterly Challenge, Countdown to 2017 !!! (Oct,Nov,Dec)


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Hello everyone

For those of you who know me from before, I have ran many challenges on mins previously, and thoroughly enjoy doing them
. I am doing another Quarterly Challenge for those of you that are init for the long haul and want to shed some serious weight to see a new you in 2017 !! :D . The challenge will run for 3 months, Oct, Nov, Dec. If you have a few stone to lose, then this challenge will be a great motivator for you, and help keep you on track.
Come on ladies, let's give it one last push
and kick some serious butt !!
... for a brand new you in 2017 !!!
woohoo ! :woohoo:


I will update the thread once a week on Sundays, with your results. Every month I will put up how many weigh in days you have for that month, depending on which day you weigh. The table below helps explain the number of weigh ins and week numbers for each month :-

2017 QC Tables.png


The spreadsheet will look similar to the one below :-

Quarterly Challenge 2017.png


You can start by posting your names and your target for 3 months and your weigh in day on here and I will start adding them to the spreadsheet. If you want to join a month later, you can do that, and give me your target for 2 months. (Please note because Quarterly challenges are much longer than the normal monthly ones, you can review your target anytime and change it, by posting it up on here and I will amend it on the spreadsheet ).


If you have any questions regarding the challenge, feel free to post them on here and I will do my best to reply to them asap.

Your Weigh In Days

Once the spreadsheet is up and running, there is a column where you can see your weigh in day next to your name. Please let me know your weigh in day and check that I have it down correctly, if not just let me know and I will amend it.


If your weigh in day has gone by and you have not posted your results, the column will highlight in YELLOW and say `RD ' which means your Results are Due and you have not posted them. If you have notified me already about the delay then do not worry, as soon as you post up your results, I will change it from `RD ' on the spreadsheet to the correct figure.


I have done a lot of these challenges in the past on mins and typically when a new challenge starts after a few weeks there is a 25% drop of people. If you do not post your results for longer than a week, the column will change from `RD' in YELLOW, to BLACK in colour which means ABSENT. If you have 3 consecutive weeks where you are marked in BLACK as ABSENT, and I have not heard from you, then your name will automatically be deleted from the challenge. I will then take it that you have dropped out.



Because this is a long challenge, just to keep us all motivated, I will be posting up SOW and SOM regularly . :D


Please do not forget to notify me of which weeks you will be away, so I can mark it as HOLS for you on the spreadsheet.

And That's All Folks !

Hope to see many of you on here soon, have a smashing Autumn and speak soon ! :p:bunnydance::bunnydance:

It's Ciao from the flying bunny ! Kay xx
Hi, Kay.
Thank you for starting another challenge. I'm back on the sw wagon and my head is now in the place for a new challenge.
I would like to lose 21lbs please and I weigh in on a Saturday.
Holiday week 4 October please
I hope you're well
Hello Kay!!!
Wow can't believe how fast everything is going at the minute!!! Hope that you're well my dear thanks so much for doing another challenge :)
I am going to go for 7lbs (if I hit my current one then this will take me to target) and then to stay at target! I will still be weighing Monday's!
I have one holiday week which is Monday 24th October :)

Thank you so much!!!

Can I join this one too please? My weigh days are Wednesday, no holidays as of yet, aiming for 21 pounds
Also, thank you for running these challenges, they really help :D
Please may I join?
i have just recently joined the forum but this is exactly why I did, to get some sort of motivation to hit target and a challenge is ideal!
I have 20lbs to lose and my weigh in day is a Friday.

Thanks very much. x
......pops head in :peep: , yay :woohoo: lots of people joining :D , will be putting up the spreadsheet very soon .

Kay xx
New Spreadsheet :thankyouthankyou:

...names so far, there is still time to join folks ! :D:D

Quarterly Challenge 2017.png

Kay xx
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Since this is a start of a NEW challenge, I thought I'd share some motivational quotes for those of you thinking of starting on your weightloss journey :) .



Kay xx
There is still time to join ladies, for a brand new you in 2017 !!!

Join the quarterly challenge today, take that first step and make a start on your journey. :character00116: :whacky068:

Share all your highs :D :winner: and lows :oops: with the rest of the group on here.

Feel motivated :wee: and inspired everyday !!


Kay xx