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Query: 12 wk limit on Lipotrim?


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I think others companies state it also, but LT does not...

When I started on LT I went and discussed it with my doctor after a few weeks, and he backed me and supported me in what I was doing, but he did want me to do it in stages

The reason he gave me for this is due to thd rappid weight loss it gives your body time to recover in between ie maintain for a few months on a helathy diet, he said that it would give my skin chance to reshape/ tone up as if u get too much skin too quickly it sometimes can't recover...

If your worried in any way, or just want to have a chat, I would recommend u go to see ur doctor, they are happy to see people who are helping themselves and not just asking for magic pills !!

Good luck xx


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Tbh last year quite a few of us had simply had enough when it came to about 12 weeks on the diet, so maybe there's a psychological factor in there too? I know if I was doing it again, not that I ever intend to, I'd try and do it 12 weeks at a time too......even with only losing a few stone my skin isn't as good as it could be and bits of it are definitely loose. Ok some of that has to do with my age but nonetheless unless you're 20 something your skin just isn't going to bounce back into shape when you've emptied it:rolleyes:


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Thanx ladies! I'm of the mind set of taking each day as it comes with no deadline on the LT, however I have another 4 1/2 stones to lose, taking me to 12 stone. That to me was limiting it as I know once I get to 12 I'll prob want to lose a bit more.
One day at a time sweet Jesus :) x

irish molly

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LT do allow you do the diet for lengthy periods. That said, GPs have a more cautious view of it. I did TFT straight for about 29 weeks and then switched to GL to get used to the real world of living with food. I had blood tests done after the 29 weeks and they were perfect. It is most important to keep up your water intake on TFR. Otherwise you risk stressing your kidneys etc. Aim for 4 Ltrs a day and take all your shakes.


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Thanx Irish Molly, I do have a good water intake and always take all my shakes so, onwards and downwards :)


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hey, i kinda agree, i was talking to my mate whos a personal trainer, he said its better to do it in 3-4 weekly batches, then refeed and maintenance 3-4 weeks so your body can sorta acclimatize to the weight loss, so it'll be better in the long run


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I think if the risk of your weight doesn't outweigh the risks of the diet (and there are risks that come from rapid weight loss), then it's worth doing it in blocks. I don't think I could handle more than 12 weeks on TFR (I did manage that back in 2005 when I did Lighter Life and Cambridge). However, I think if you're still really heavy when you get to the 12 week mark, and you are going strong, then you should carry on. By really heavy though, I mean 3 stone plus overweight still. It used to be years ago that you couldn't even do these diets unless you had more than 3 stone to lose, but nowadays those rules seem to have relaxed and you only have to be a little overweight to be able to get them, or even just buy them online, ie. Exante, where nobody really knows what you weigh or are monitoring you, other than yourself. You could be 5' 10" and 7 stone and nobody would know you were buying them!