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Question about boobs

Great question, I too am a bit worried about this...I was always big about a 30FF and am now a 34HH, thing is will they go back to my original size? I am so worried about them going saggy!!


I see the light!
lol I definately have! I was 40DD and now a 34b/c and they now sadly resemble socks with a golf ball in the bottom NICEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Helen xxx
Haha that's it, boob jobs all round :D
Im hoping this too!

When I first started at WW 2 years ago i was a 38E
Im now a 42 DD at the start of SW 2 years later. (And i dont think thats right because its tight on my back!?!?!?!)
I cant afford my bras!

Hopefully my back size will go down!

I would truly give anything to lose them! Id like to see the top of my stomach!- And also run properly without nearly getting black eyes! ;)
I dont even know where I get it from- My mum is a 34AA!!!!


I've gone from a 38I (wierd Rigby & Peller size) to a 34HH in a Panache.

I have also bought a 36GG Fantasie lately but that is slightly too big.
Ive gone down a little from busting out of my 34H to a 32G or 30GG and fitting much better. Id like to lose more to fit into nice cheap bras but im already a little saggy and not looking forward to it being more!
Ive currently lost 1st 10lbs and no change.
Infact everyone thinks my boobs have got bigger :(

I never seem to lose it off my boobs, my mum always said id end up at target and looking like jordan!

You have no idea how envious I am at the minute of you ALL.


Silver Member
Um, sort of :)

I've gone from a 36DD to a 32E!!
I've lost 1 stone 12 lbs in 10 weeks (got my Club 10 last week), but about 3 stone in total this year.

I was a 42DD to start with, and bought new bras on Friday, because mine were way too big round the back, but I didn't feel the actual "boob" had changed much.

Having tried a few on (and got the lovely M&S lady to help me), I am now the proud owner of four new bras...in a 38F.

And OMLG - I look FABULOUS. It's almost as if I've lost another stone. Really is a case of "here's me tits, me arse is coming later"...
When I lost my weight before they went like a couple of deflated balloons - couldn't get nice bras as they just sat at the bottom looking like they were laying on a shelf rather than having any curve to them.

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