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Question about citrc acid and ketosis

Well I've finally managed to get back on track and begun my restart! I was making a jelly last nighht with water flavouring and food colouring and noticed that the food colouring contains citric acid.

Is the amount which you'd use to colour the jelly (a few drops) be enough to prevent or kick us out of ketosis? I think that knowing I can have a jelly a day will help the transition from eating to just having shakes!

Also, I take Wellwoman multivitamins which I have found help ease the symptoms of PMS (I get it quite badly :eek:) also contain citrc acid. There isn't any indication as to how much is in each tablet. Does anyone have any idea who much citric acid it takes to interfere with the ketosis process?

Obviously I'd like to carry on taking the Wellwoman tablets as long as possible as they do help relieve the symptoms, and I am aware that the CD contain 100% of everything we need. So they shouldn't be neccessary really but I'm worried if I stop taking the multivitamins the symptoms which are presumably controlled by them will come back.

Any advice will be greately appreciated! :)
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I suffer terribly with PMS and i found that while SSing it has been nonexistent, in fact I got a surprise when TOTM month arrived, and am watching for it like a hawk at the moment.

RE the citric acid i dont know but there are probably other colourings that dont contain it? As for well woman, why not switch to vitamin b complex, as its most likely those in the supplement that improve the situation.

Also evening primrose oil or star flower oil are the absolute best things for keeping pms symptoms at bay, and I am sure either of these would be ok to take if you felt the need.


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hi, with regards to the food colouring, i use supercook food colouring and yes it has citric acid but with the amount used it has no effect on me whatsoever AND i am easily knocked out of ketosis (cant have some of the bars as they knock me out of ketosis). if we were using a bottle of food colouring a day i would probably be affected but with a few drops it is completely harmless (to me anyway)

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