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Question about ham


grammar police
Ham isn't really ideal. It can be a bit too salty, and the prepackaged stuff has all sorts of nasty additives. If you really want ham get a low fat joint and boil or roast at home and then slice.
Thanks Emma, I'm not that pushed really. I just thought it might be something easy to have around but sure if it's not good I'm sure I can find something better to have on standby
the book does talk about pre packaged sliced ham though? Strange!!


grammar police
He has adapted the book for the English version, but there's a wealth of experience on this board and people have found it to cause a stall. Remember you're aiming for pure protein and have a read of the ingredients and nutrition info.
Thanks again, the forum has been a wealth of information all right. Day one has been a struggle, I'm already at the stage where I don't want to look at any more protein! The other half is taking it so badly he has hardly spoken all evening (might have something to do with the football results too though!) But I'll keep going, I'm sure it'll get better


grammar police
The first two or three days are a bit tough, you'll both be experiencing a carb withdrawal which can cause grumpiness and headache. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water - that should help a bit, and even though you might not want to look at any more protein you still need to make sure you're eating plenty. Keep things mixed up to prevent boredom.

It's a massive shock for the body, and you'll need a couple of days to adjust - stick with it, in a couple of days you'll wonder what was so difficult!
Thanks Emma, I'm actually really thirsty so the water isn't a problem! My eyes glased over after dinner but I'm certainly not hungry anyway. Onwards and upwards - or downwards hopefully :)
Congratulations! It might feel rough now- but these are signs of good things - your body is adpating to finding new ways of fuelling itself, so it's going to start burning up the fat.

Remember - it doesn't feel like this for very long at all - in fact as soon as you hit cruise you should feel great.

And watching the pounds drop from the scales is a great motivator.


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To make it all more interesting and varied, particularly on PP days, check out our recipe thread...

What have you eaten? Did you post your menu?

As for your husband, when I started out (many moons ago), my OH wasn't interested UNTIL he saw the "nice food" I was having - then he soon joined me!!

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