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Question about shakes...

Do you have to use a blender/smoothie maker etc to make them? It's just that I'm beginning to go off the soups, so want to have a shake at work, but don't have any way of mixing it - can I just use a spoon, or will it be lumpy? If not I'll just stick with Tetra's (mmmm!!)

Also - I'm LOVING the Summer Berry stuff you put into water! It's gorgeous! Will have 1 75cl bottle of it a day. Yummmmmm Please don't tell this drink has ever effected anyone's weight loss!

Loving this diet today! :)

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I found they they are better mixed with a hand help blender..I bought mine from Tesco's. I t was only £3.97. and I leave it at work. they are lumpy if you only use a fork or spoon.

I use the water flavouring all the time, they are lovely hot too. Don't think they affect weight loss too much but it does help to get the water down.

Some people may find that if they have too much during the day it can throw them out of Ketosis, but like everything..fine in moderation. Enjoy!
Sainsburys do the blender for £3 something aswell i got one for work.

I am not sure if the water flavourings effect weight loss i have had no added squash from day one and it hasn't slowe dmine i don't think. usually have a squash every other glass of water.

another handy idea if you're needing a shake made up "on the go" - Boots the Chemsit sell a protein shaker maker for about £3 - usually Maximuscle brand, it's got a wee mesh that breaks up any lumps. It's pretty good for doing the soups in a hurry. Heres a pic to let you know what you're looking for !
Yes Sharon it will work - it's very similar to the one you get when you're on LL..

You'll need some arm muscle but it's good.

H x
That pictrure is exactly like the one you get with Lighter Life , except theirs is blue with LL on the side! If you have trouble getting hold of this Lakeland Plastics do a LOCK and LOCK one that is smaller so a little more compact for your handbag its only £1.99 and holds up to 400 mls, I have used both home and away and find they both work better if you pop a few ice cubes in and always use very cold water.
Happy Shaking!
a good tip for the shaker above : if you are making a hot shake/soup make sure that you "swirl" the powder with some cold water first then add your boiling water. Then you shake it for about 5 seconds(not too vigourously) open the cap to release some of the steam. Repeat that a couple of times and when you shake it again it wont be inclined to pop off. Thats when you do your best Tom Cruise from cocktail impression and shake like hell.
ALSO! I take my £1 milk frother with me (i blend all my soups with it when hot) but on the go I can put some water in a mug blend the shake to a smooth consistency! Or a Glass (as I have started putting more water in!).

Most £1 shops do them - especially Tiger


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