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question about ss and ss+ and getting into Ketosis

i dont know if i am completly wrong, as my original lady gave me a very old book....

it says with sole source and the + that you can have 4 CD products...

if you have say porridge, 2 shakes, and a bar.... would that get you out of ketosis? or not get into ketosis?
or would you have to stick to 2shakes and a bar??

what is the general rule on getting into ketisois? is there a min carbs etc that you have to have?

and also does anyone know where i can find the nurtritional value for some of the bars?

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Girl on a mission

With ss you can only have 4 products if you are over 5'8.... on ss+ there are 2 options, 3 Products and a small meal or 4 products and 200ml of skimmed milk.

You can have any combination of products but only 1 bar a day.

thank you for that.... :)
didnt know about the height thing... so having 3packs and a bar and then the 200mls milk wont stop you or get you out of ketosis.. fab!
thats fab.... ive been thinking about it as at the moment im doing the 810/1000 plan because i have a wedding to go to next weekend, and thats what my cdc said to do until after, then go onto a lower one...
and i really find i struggle when i get the kids i look after thier meals, so i was kinda thinking aout chopping half up into little pieces for when i do thier lunch, and then the sam again for when i do thier dinner. so i just wanted to make sure that having that 4th as a bar wouldnt knock me out or stop me from getting to it when i got onto it...
i am happy now though.. :)

anywhere i can find the nurtitional values of things????

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