Question about the CD muffin, crisps and mousse


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I have been looking on Mike's site and I love the idea of the muffin, crisps and mousse he has on there. The problem is though is that my CDC and my CD books say you have to drink your shakes and soups within 15 minutes. I think my CDC said this was because the drink would lose some of its nutrients and vitamins/minerals etc if it wasnt drunk within that time.

Can anyone in the know comment on this please? I dont want to make these tasty treats from my soups/shakes only to lose all the goodness from them :confused:


Ann C
You should only ever cook one of your packs per day for this very reason. I tend to suggest the crisps, muffins, etc when people have been following the programme for a while and want some variety rather than at the beginning. :)
Thanks DQ, guess I'll wait a bit before I make the muffin and crisps. Have ordered a tub of the mix a mousse this week so I'll just have to make that and eat it within 15 mins for hardship :)
You don't need to eat the mix-a-mousse within 15 mins - just make sure it's set properly first. And don't worry, the muffins, etc are worth the wait :)
Thanks for putting my mind at rest DQ, feel much better now :)

I get my first tub of Mix-a-Mousse tomorrow so guess what I'll be having for my tea :p