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Question and thanks from a newbie

Hi All

I've just started the induction phase this week and am feeling really inspired reading all your posts and recipes - thank you! :D

I wonder if any of you can answer a question for me.... I've been following the plan 100% so far and thought it would be good to track my food using All Things Food and Diet - FatSecret However, I'm now confused!

I had a (really very scrummy) Atkins Advantage Chocolate Decadence Bar today as the website says it's OK to have one or two a day in the induction phase. It's described on the front packet as having 2.4g of net carbs so I thought this would be fine. However, when I list it on the fat secret website it's 19g carbs per packet and this is the amount listed on the nutritional content on the back of the packet. As a result, it looks like I'm well over my 20g carbs per day. Eek! Is this right? Which amount should I be paying attention to?

Thanks in advance for your help and really looking forward to reading more of your lovely menus!
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Call me Linzi...
Hi Stetson & welcome

The carbs of 19g will also include sugar alcohols (polyols, malitol etc) which are not part of the 'net' carbs. I think also the Atkins bars are labelled like in the USA where the fibre has to be deducted from the carb count.... we don't have to do this in the UK as the fibre isn't included in the carbs.

So yr net carbs will be 2.4g

Hope this make sense.... alot of things on those kind of sites could be entered in the USA way so the carb grams could be higher on the website than we would count in the UK.

HTH. x

Thanks for replying so quickly!

Phew!! I was worried that I'd inadvertently ruined things already so this is really helpful and great news.

Thank you...though I haven't actually done as well as I should! I lost 5 stones in 16 weeks on Lipotrim last year but I've since put on 1 and a half stones of that again...:cry: I think Lipotrim is an amazing diet for really fast weight loss but the problem with it is that when you stop, it is difficult to keep all the weight of because you haven't actually got into the habit of eating sensibly again (if you look at the forum you'll see that there are always lots of returners). I was slim for years but then met my boyfriend and his eating habits rubbed off on me, my portion sizes crept up and I started eating all the wrong things. Once I started eating after finishing Lipotrim, I started to slip back into bad habits again, hence the weight gain. However, trying to be positive, I know how well ketosis works and I'm really hoping that Atkins will not just let me lose weight, but allow me to maintain long term. When I read posts from people like Jim I find it really inspiring!

Oh yes, and I'm getting married at Christmas so I have a really good incentive to stick to this!!


Call me Linzi...
Congrats on the wedding... no bigger incentive to loose weight than that really! I did a vlcd for my wedding & lost 7 stone in 4 months BUT then like you say didn't learn about eating again so its all piled back on!!

I lost all my weight on Atkins from January to April since then I've just been maintaining as my heads not been in the right place! I was losing a stone a month on average so it gives great weightlosses whilst not limiting yr life!!
Wow to your time on TFR AND on Atkins - that's incredible! I had no idea that you could lose weight so quickly with Atkins - I just assumed it was the typical 1-2lbs a week. I find it really strange adding so much fat to my diet and I keep feeling guilty about it. I know it works in theory but I need to see it on the scales to really believe it!


Call me Linzi...
There are certain things that can stall some people on Atkins (cheese, citric acid, atkins bars) but its all about trial & error & you really do learn alot about how yr body works which is the best thing about it!

I'm also really pleased that I have also managed to maintain for nearly 3 months without any trouble too as I've always been able to lose weight like a pro but just never manage to maintain so for me thats almost as good as losing!

I think one of the hardest things for me was changing from the low fat mentality when actually its the fat + carbs that are the problem... the fat really isn't! x
Hi Stetson and welcome, I'm the resident CARB NAZI round here and I say don't eat the bars. LOL.

I hope you like it round here, we are a friendly bunch.

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