Question for a cdc or anyone who has the strawberry silk tetras !! ?


Hi everyone !

One of my customers bought strawberry silk tetras from me on Monday which were made on 05/09/08 with use by date of 06/03/09.
My customer has tried 3 of these tetras , but has told me that instead of being a smooth consistency, they are lumpy and taste horrible !
Obviously I will be replacing them, but has anyone else had this problem ?

Thanks, everyone !

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Do not like the tetras much, but i definitely had a rogue batch of tomato soup sachets back in September, but thank goodness, subsequent ones have been fine.
On mixing them, the flavour was as usual, but it was like drinking washing powder, powder granules were excessive and horrible to drink with that consistency.
I suppose with the millions produced, occasionally an error occurs.
Dear Carolyn,

What perfect timing! I was just going to post on minimins finally after 9 days of having started the diet with you. I have not had much time or regular access to the internet but surely wanted to post as and when possible and that time has come now!

I did introduce myself a couple of weeks ago and I started the Cambridge diet last Monday with Carolyn. Carolyn is absolutely fabulous and I couldn't have asked for a more supportive CDC. The fact that she has just successfully completed the program herself and started out as a counsellor recently enhances her overall zest and passion to help others on their journey.

Thank you Carolyn and am glad I found you.

I do want to thank all of you yet again for supporting so many people out there with words of wisdom, reassurance and friendship.

Just a little about my journey for those who might not have read the last post. I am 5'5 1/2, started 810 last Monday at 11.1 and hope to end my diet at 8.12 as soon as possible :) Have done Cambridge once last year(My first and only ever diet) and couldn't finish my journey to goal so hope to continue till the finish line this time.

3 cheers to all you wonderful people out there :)

Lots of love,


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Hi I had some choc tetras once which were well in date,but were absolutely foul,like gone off milk.


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hi caroyln,

when i was on cd i had a few dodgy choc tetra's that were very much in date but def get of or something. i saw in another thread thats it happens when the tetra pack doesnt seal properly or something?