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I am on LL week 2 and when I can get hold of my local CD counsellor will be swapping to the CD (reasons cost and choice of foodpacks, and not enjoying group counselling). Will my first two weeks on LL count as my first 2 weeks SS'ing with the CD ie will I be able to do AAM in 3 weeks or will I have to do another 4 weeks on the CD?
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As long as there is no break, then yes you should be able to do it 'continuously' and view your first 2 weeks as completed. That is how people have moved over to me in the past with no problems. :D

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Thanks for that info :) I just hope I can make contact soon. I do want to swap from LL to CD in one smooth go. I am so focused that I could not even contemplate a break;)

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:) So happy as at last have managed to contact my local CDC and will be meeting her on Wednesday. I will then have completed two weeks on LL and can transfer straight over to the CD. Have lost 11.6 lbs in the 10 days so far be nice to make the stone by Wednesday. Looking forward to all the choices on the CD and to the AAM in week five!! Good luck to you all and I will keep you updated with my progress!