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Hi all!

I have a question - I'm on CD Maintenance 790 and I'm hungry! Because I'm now not in ketosis my hunger is back with avengance! It's like going through the 1st week again! Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what to do about it? The shakes used to stop the hunger, but they dont now, so I can't even split them up and have half and half!

Please help coz I'm soooooooooooooo hungry!!

Thanks! Sarah x
I don't remember having the hunger on the 790 plan, certainly on the 1,000 it was there with avengence.

The 790 plan still seems to be very low in carbs, so perhaps you are still in ketosis but the mind is playing tricks?

Are you keeping to the maintenance plan exactly as written? Weighing the stuff, not adding different veg to your salads or whatnots

That's all I can think of until a CDC comes on.

Meanwhile, hang in's so worth the effort. Drink buckets of water, go for walks and try to keep yourself occupied to keep your mind off it.

Any more suggestions anyone?
Hi Karion!

Hmmm........haven't been sticking to it 100% - I know that's why I'm hungry. Stuck to it 100% yesterday though, but I've left my shake at home so was planning on getting a SW bar for lunch. Is that the right thing to do I wonder???

Thanks for your reply, I'm just going to go out for lunch and get away from the desk. Go for a walk or something, then settle back into it when I get home. I think I'm just going to have to ride this one out, knowing it's my own fault!

Thanks! Sarah x
planning on getting a SW bar for lunch. Is that the right thing to do I wonder
An SW bar? Or a slimfast bar? Don't know about SW bars, but I know the slimfast bars are more likely to be high in carbs.

If you are without a shake and need something for lunch what about going for a low GI bar, or possibly and atkins one?

I think you need to do the stabilisation as closely as possible to the book to avoid getting out of ketosis before you have enough to eat to cope.

It's not easy, and so tempting to think that you've finished the diet, so what the heck. I really recommend doing the stabilisation plan exactly as written and just closing your eyes and getting down to it. It [strike]sucks [/strike] is difficult, but I learnt more about myself and control that I did on SS.

Good luck....and

for forgetting your shake :D
Thanks for your reply Karion!

I consider my hand well and truly slapped! :D

Sarah x

LOL. Funny you should say that, because I did write about slapping your hand, then I thought I'd better get rid of that in case anyone thought I was into violence :D

Yee gaads, it's so easy to fall off the wagon when you're in the stabilisation bit...hope it was worth it ;)
He he he!!! :D :D

It wasn't really worth it coz it was just a few olives with tea and a biscuit here and there! I guess considering though, I've done quite well. Head is back down 100% now though! Thanks!!!

Oh and it was a Slim Fast bar, I'm getting my abreviations confused! Will get a low GI/carb one though, and remember my shakes tomorrow!

Thanks again!

Sarah x
Sunny day

Just to wish you all a good day today, the sun is shining and as a team we can all do this.
Head is back down 100% now though! Thanks!!!
Good for you :) Sorry, I did sound a bit harsh, but only because I want people to succeed at this bit so much.

Well done for your journey so far