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Hi All,

I was just wondering if Cambridge had a returns policy?

I have purchased a weeks worth of products but have not used them and chosen not to do the diet at this time. Instead of letting the products go out of date and then having to be binned I was wondering if there was a policy or procedure for returning packs and tetra's?

Thanking you in Advance.
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My CDC told my friend that she would take them back if she did not wait to long. Why don't you call yours and ask? I think it is up to the individual CDC.
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I haven't had a receipt for donkeys, but think it states that you have 14 days to return it, (don't quote me on that) but when i wanted to return my items last year, i spoke to head office and they said any problems to contact them:)


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Only 6 days ago. On Mel's advice I contacted her and she said no problem but would charge me a £10 consultation fee. Which normally I wouldn't have a problem with but she doesn't actually do a consultation. Hmmm never mind my friend who is doing the diet is going to buy them from me for full price so I shouldn't lose out thankfully.

Thank you guys for all of your help.



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At least you manage to get the full price from your friend.. I have had it once where someone started and then decided she didnt want the products and bought them back and I gave her the money back.. But then 2 months later she returned and did really well...
Aww thanks so much I am not quite like my picture at the moment but will be back there v soon.. xxxxx


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Yep it all worked out well in the end.

And your journey was brill to watch hun, so strong and you looked bloody fab at every step!!