Question for CDC's??


hi guys

i'm just wondering if there is a rule about the cdc swopping packs with their clients?? i have loads of chick and mush soup and would like to swop them for some of the new products just wondering if there is a rule.


Gen xx
There is no hard and fast rule but counsellors are encouraged to swop and/or buy back products so they don't get put on Ebay.

Personally I have a 1in-1out strategy and allow swopping otherwise the person may fall off the diet and that wouldn't be good!

Yep I agree with Mike....I certainly have no problem with swapping packs for any of my should certainly ask!!
thanks guys

i thought as much cos my old CDC let me swop but my new one reckons head office don't allow it... the packs are in perfect condition and are well within their use by date :confused: :confused: :confused:

not to worry

Gen xx
i would mention to her you rang HO and they haven't heard of that rule,

I would echo that. I recently had a client who fell pregnant, so I bought back 43 banana tetras from her!! Swaps don't cost anything because obviously she can sell them on to someone else.
Absolutely and it stops the product working it's way into the wrong hands!
cheers guys... i might just say it, i just want to swop some so i can have some variety!!!
Not a CDC but would have thuoght they would be only to pleased to swap to help you keep on the diet.I know my CDC has always said she would swap any I did not like.
Hope you manage to swap some.