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    Hi i was wondering if you could give me some advice please, i have recently lost 3 stone :) with slimming world and feeling great, however i have my last stone to lose and got quite a flabby tummy, i have been going on my cross trainer for a minimum of 2 x ten minutes a day for the past 3 weeks and i was wondering if that is enough, also i have been half interested in buying a Abs King Pro which i have seen advertised on telly Thanks inadvance
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    Arr I just wrote a huge post about this but my computer crashed as I was about to post it!

    So sorry if this sounds a bit abrupt now but its a short summary of what I wrote!

    20 minutes can be enough if you are progressing each workout by either upping the intensity (level) or volume (duration). If you up the duration too far then you cant work very hard.

    Likewise, if you work at the highest intesity possible, then you cant work for very long!

    So the best way is to find the sweet spot between the two. I've found that 25 minutes maximum is the most effective for fat burning, as this allows you to work at a decent intesity without going on too long.

    What id advise is to increase the level of the cross trainer by 1.

    After a couple of days, increase the time to 25 minutes (or 2 x 12.5 minutes each) at the same level.

    When you are comfortable with this, up the level by one again, and revert back to 20 minutes total.

    Again, after a workout or two you should be able to up the time to 25 minutes.

    Then keep this progression going by increasing the intensity followed by the volume.

    This way your workouts never last longer than 25 minutes but you still get fitter each time! Remember that for your body to change it must be forced to do what it couldnt previously do.

    Performing your exercise in this way is a foolproof way to get fitter and burn fat.

    Id also recommend including some resistance exericse in the form of free weights, to burn a lot more calories and make your muscles appear leaner and visible (which cardio alone cannot do).

    If you dont have access to free weights then body weight cirucits of press ups, squats and planks should do the trick.

    Ive never heard of the Ab king pro but it sounds like another one of those gimmicks that just makes the exercise easier (not what you want as this means you burn less calories!)

    The only Abdominal equipment I recommend is the Ab Wheel (£7.99 from Argos).

    Hope this helps!
  4. Bimbie Finn

    Bimbie Finn Full Member

    Slimming World
    Thank you very much will give it all a go. :)
  5. judimac

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    Planks! Lots of them! Ordinary and side ones!
  6. Justin

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    Go Judi! Spread the good word haha
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