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Question for Mick (Icemoose)

Hi Mike
I have been running since January, I started in a run/walk program and I am now running 6kms 3 times a week, I did a 10km in August and it was great. Is it okay for me to continue running whilst in ss? Also do I need to do any other exercise or is it best to leave off until I have lost all my weight?

I started SS last Tuesday and went running on Friday, I managed my 6km no problem and felt fantastic afterwards, I had a shake about 45 minutes before my run.

I look forward to your reply.
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Sorry - should have read A Question for Mike

:)I just want to apologise for calling you Mick in my first thread, I look forward to a reply to my question when you have time. Thanks

The general advice on a VLCD is to stick to toning/stretching/pilates/yoga exercise as you haven't really got the instant glycogen energy for running.

Saying that if you feel ok then no reason at this moment to stop, just make sure you drink water before, during and after the run and you may be more prone to some water retention but at the end of the day that is just water and not fat.

If you do find the scales slow right up on you then just relax the training a bit and you will see them drop again.

And remember take care of yourself! There is a time to lose fat and a time to get fit and they aren't nescesarily (sp?) the same time.

Hi Mike
Thanks for your no-nonsense reply that makes alot of sense, I went running tonight and managed 7km, drinking 5 litres water throughout the day, I am now having a delicious hot soup. I am feeling very fine and if I do feel slightly not right I will slow down or move up to 790.

I am just too scared to stop the running because it was such hard work to get to this level and I really feel great doing it.

I think I will visit my GP and ask her to check me out then visit regularly for check ups just ensure everything okay.

I am nervous for my weigh-in tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Well done for your commitement to your running. I ran when I was in school but haven't done so in years...I now find myself doing the walking with a bit of a jog every now and then.
Hi Suzanne

Thanks - I find it is the only exercise that I REALLY enjoy doing, even when I go away I don't find it a chore to take my running gear and go out early in the morning. We've been away in London, Ottawa and Toronto and I am proud to say I ran in all three places - it is great. Try to get back into it, I find joining a club very motivating.

Have a good day:)

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