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  1. Toots

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    Hope someone can help. I have been on depo since I was 19 (injectible pill) and came off it about 8 months ago - so had a run of 15 years on it. :eek:

    Anyway - I can cope reasonably well with CD.............until my time of the month. All control and will power flies out of the window and I can't shovel the (bad) food in quick enough - despite all of my good intentions. To make matters worse, I seem to have settled into a short cycle (21 days).

    How can I get past this? I have put on 10lbs in 4 days :eek: and know I will just get these lbs off and the whole thing will start again.

    Any help/ advice / etc anyone can offer will be really appreciated


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  3. canireallydothis!!

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    Have you thought about doing 810 for the week of your totm?? Might help knowing that food is available in the form of 810 when you need it.

    Im not sure really other than that as Im not a sufferer in that way, but may help x
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    Hi - I was on Depo for a while and it took forever to get over. would it not be worth going on the pill for a bit if your doctor agrees, whilst you do CD? Your body seems to be coping with a lot all at once and a hormone treatment (eg the pill) could settle you down.

    If that's not feasible I'd go with canireally's suggestion, it might be more of a mental thing, knowing you can have some nice grub within limits might do the trick.
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  5. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    Thanks for the replies

    I tried 810 this month but my hormone addled brain seems to think that that's 810 per hour :eek:. Good suggestion though

    I will ask my doc about the pill - I didn't realise that it could help - I thought that it just put weight on :confused: - never said I was bright!! I just don't want to go through coming off the damned thing again though because I have got to the point that I am now only a crazy b*tch once a month - when I first came off it..................well, put it this way, the b*tch switch was constantly on

    I am on the last day of my period today and I can feel some modicum of control and sanity returning already :)

    Thanks again

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