Question for those who go to classes


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Following a comment made on a SW thread I was wondering - who weighs you at class, is it the leader or a 'helper'

I know when I went to classes the leader wouldnt let anyone near the scales except her. It seems really wrong for several reasons to have a helper doing the weigh in

Is this common???
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When I went to classes earlier this year, it was the leader only - and away from the helpers desk but when I used to go to classes years ago it was the helpers & then you moved on to speak with the leader - bit wierd that


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we have the leader and the helpler - you can choose who you want to weigh with.

I used to be a helper in a few classes and some people would prefer to come to me - especially if they'd been bad lol

I agree that if you want to be weighed by the leader you should be - that's why you pay the money after all, especially if (like me) you don't stay to class!

I can see the need for helpers though, all the classes I've been too have so many people attending, if the leader weighed everyone there wouldn't be enough time to do anything else - we had 2 helpers where I used to live and even then the leader had to start while we stilled weighed people in.



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At my old class always the leader and helper to weigh.! I think it's always better to have two people at the scales.


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Hi, at my class it's always the leader that weighs us, the helper takes the cash and gives our cards.

I wouldn't be happy if it was a helper, don't particularly like people in the "real world" knowing my weight, albeit the helper has the card with the dtls!!


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Mine is the leader :) She's nice and friendly andhas a bit of a chat with everyone, which is nice I think.

At SW it was a mixture, sometimes the leader, sometimes a helper. I must admit, when it was the size 8 [used to be size 26 and been at target for 3 years] helper, I felt a bit awkward... !!


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We had a 'helper' who began weighing people at the end of the year, she used to write the figures in wrong and one week she shouted my weight out - i was rather un-impressed to say the least!!

Since this happened, it has only been the leader who has been weighing us. I don't think it was just me that made comments - people refused to get weighed by her eventually!

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Mine used to have a leader and a helper weighing. I actually preferred the helper as my leader was less than useless - the helper was more help!!


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Leader and helper weigh in at my class, I think the helper is hoping to become a leader herself, I always weigh in with the leader though, not because I don't like the helper who is very nice but I'm not convinced that the helpers scales are the same as the leaders - the floor is a bit uneven where the helper has her scales, so I go with consistency. But to be fair the class would last hours if there wasn't a helper weighing in as well as the class is really busy and the leader has already had to add a second class that night to cope with the demand.

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The helper in my class just takes the money and does shop, she is a lovely woman but I prefer my leader which is male does the weighing,


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It is only the leader at my class.


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Mine is the helper.

I think my group must be really popular, because my leader always seems to be chatting away to new members every week. She did say something this week about how horrified she is when she goes home and looks at the weigh-in details and notices someone who had a fantastic loss/horrific gain, because she never got the chance to talk to them about it! Seems a shame.


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When I went to the WW class it was always the leader who did the weighing. Once she had started her talk if anyone came in they were asked if the helper could weigh them or wait for her at the end of class. Most were happy to have the helper weigh as it was a lunchtime class and many were on their lunch break and going straight back to work. But leader always asked which they prefered.

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Ours is a big class, we have both the leader and 2 helpers, I think if the leader weighed everyone it would take ages. You have to be weighed by the leader for the first 5 weeks or so (this is even printed on your card, then she can see how you're doing and check you know what you are doing.
I don't mind who weighs me, they all are very discreet.
When I have been to SW it was always a helper who weighed - this has been the same at every SW class I have been to and I have been to 4 different classes.


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I've been to about 4 different classes over the last few years and we've had a leader AND a helper weighing people at all of them! Just thought it was normal, haha. Can't say it's ever bothered me - makes no odds to me which on of them weigh me - they're both strangers after all.


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I've always attended very busy classes and I've been weighed in by the leader (first 6 weeks) and then the leader or helpers (x2) depending on how busy the class was. Never bothered me who weighed, as long as I had a loss! Lol.