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Question from a newbie....

Hello everyone!

I've just done my first week on Atkins (after losing and putting on the same few pounds with SW) and lost 3.5lb, which I'm v. happy with :) - esp. as myfitnesspal kept telling me I would put on weight with the calories I was eating!

I want to stay on induction for at least another couple of weeks, but next weekend will not be possible because I am going away. Friday will be the worst as I'm going to Ping Pong for a friend's birthday - I have looked at the menu and there literally seem to be no low-carb options :mad: I don't want to not go because I haven't seem him in ages (and also don't want this diet to completely take over my social life!)

I am not so worried about Saturday and Sunday, because I will be able to influence where we eat, and I am sure I will be able to find some low-carb options. I am, however, planning on having a couple of drinks Saturday night (vodka and diet mixers), because again I haven't seen the friends I am going with for quite a while and everyone else will be drinking.

So, my question is - will this totally mess up everything?? I guess that if I am in ketosis (not sure if I am?) then I won't be after the Ping Pong meal - but if I go back to strict induction on Monday, do you think this would be OK?

Any advice much appreciated!

Thank you!!!!
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Yep just get back to strict induction afterwards and you will be fine. Many people just try and make the best choices they can when their options are limited, others think they may as well just have the carbs and relax and enjoy themselves, really its whichever camp you feel will help keep you on track in the long run. I have done both before but the main thing is enjoy yourself and just step back on it as soon as you can x


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What's Ping Pong?


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What's Ping Pong?
Aha - you haven't then had the pleasure of ping pong restaurant chain! All little dim sum and other chinese style goodies.

Think that it would be pretty difficult to stay lo carb - will add to my list of impossible restaurants (wagamama, ping pong,....?!)
Enjoy and then tons of water!
Cool, thanks for your re-assurance guys! I was a bit worried that eating a load of carb in one meal might put me right out of ketosis and back to square one again. But I'll make sure I get straight back on the wagon, and hopefully that will limit the damage!

Cokes, Tristar, Kat1e - i am very impressed by your fantastic loses. It is very motivating seeing how well other people are doing. I must say so far I'm finding this much easier than I have previous diets in the past (hoping it's not just first week enthusiasm!) and no cravings so far :)


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Aww thanks. You will do well too. Just remember that you are human, we all have little blips or times when we just can't stick to plan like special occassions. Just keep at it and post often for support. We are all in the same weightloss wagon and like to help people back on board when they struggle. I am back on solidly now and hoping to kick start things again. This is a great wayof life eating lots, losing weight and not feeling hungry, it's great


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I love chinese food. Occasionally I'll have a treat, and have some satay skewered chicken. If I do have something occasionally I stay away from the rice and sweet sauces.


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I think I had salmon without the dressing on veg - pok choy - when I was at Ping Pong last month! The waiter was a chinese trainee and I wasn't at all sure he understood what I was trying to order - but it was really yummy - and a huge portion ! Lol

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