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Question from a Newbie

Hi Everyone,

It's my first day (and first time) on SlimFast and so far is going quite well. I did Cambridge Diet last year on sole source and now have what I call CD Fear, so the thought of a plan that doesn't involve revolting tasting soups and lets me have a proper meal really appealed - not to mention the fact that it's loads cheaper!

Anyway, I have a question about the 600cal meal. I was wondering, if I make sure I use my 600cals can I have them any time of the day? For example, today for my proper meal I've got some Tesco Lighter Choices cauliflower cheese which I'm having with salad and some mini chicken fillets. I've added up the calorie content and it works out at around 360cals. I know I could have a low fat pudding or something after, but I'm wondering if I could use any spare calories earlier in the day around snack time or something? (I hope to plan my days) I work 12 hour shifts sat at a desk and find it makes for a long day in terms of spacing everything out!

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When I used to do Slimfast I spread out my calories. I added the 600 to the 3 100 calorie snacks and would plan my 900 calories to last throughout the day. I'd have a shake for brekfast then take my lunch box packed with 900 calories and eat from it when I was hungry. So yes, there's no reason you can't separate the allowance.

TIP: Sugar free ready made jelly's are less than 10 calories. Great for a sweet treat!
Hi Taz,
That's great thanks.
Top tip on the Jelly - funnily enough I actually bought a strawberry one at the supermarket last night to try. Great minds and all that!
Hi Serem
Don't forget you can have up to 3 100 calorie snacks during the day as well. I think it will be trial and error to see how hungry you get and when you need to eat. I keep a food diary so I can keep track of my calories and it might be a good idea for you too.

I can't see any reason why you can't split up your calories providing you are getting a balanced diet overall and are choosing good snacks during the day. For example if you only had a 300 calorie dinner and used the other 300 calories on crisps, you wouldn't be getting the nutrients you need even though you are within your calorie allowance (not that I'm saying you would do that).

Hope that helps
Thanks for the advice busylizzie. I think I just need to get used to the idea of making sure I get all of my nutrients throughout the day, especially if my evening meal ends up only being 300-400 calories. I will try the food diary though as I think that will help.

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