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question on ss+..

hey everyone..i just have a quick q..

i've switched over to SS+ now as i feel it's much better for me to have that small meal in the evenings and i love it! however...last night i had some chicken and green salad and i added a splash of olive oil and fat free dressing and it was yum..i peed on a ketosix stick this morning and i'm still in Ketosis so i was just wondering if anyone knew for sure if you were allowed a tiny bit of olive oil on your food..literally just a tiny bit!
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hi, i do the same, have mentioned it to my cdc and she said as long as you keep it to a minimum its fine, hasnt affected my losses either xx


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this quorn you can have as well were is best place to get the type we are allowed? do you jsut put in the oven?


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Eating fat - for that's what olive oil is - won't take you out of ketosis. Eating a pound of butter won't take you out of ketosis. :D

It's all about the calories, this one. In a teaspoon of olive oil there's something like 35 calories. True, in the grand scheme of things here, it won't make an awful lot of difference. But to think of it another way, that's like having another quarter of a bar, or a quarter of a shake.

And sorry Rich - but I don't know anything about quorn :(


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Absolutely Lily. It's all in the calories.

As for quorn. You can only have the mince or chicken style pieces.

I think people dry fry or microwave it.


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S: 20st4.0lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st10lb(33.1%)
thanks Kd can just get that from tesco or any supermarket?

when you say mince peices it should say that clearly on packet? sorry too sound stupid just never had corn before.

I will be eating in about 3-4 weeks and want to be prepared


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Yes, most supermarkets sell it. Just check that there's no onion, breadcrumbs etc. These should be okay.


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