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Question on the prescribed walk


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I am having difficulty fitting in the walk for 25mins as I have a 3 year old with me all day. I have measured out how far the 25 min walk takes me walking at a good walking pace which is pretty much up to our shops and back.

So my question is does it count if I walk up to the shops with my 3 year old and back again (after stopping and buying the bits we need)? Takes way longer of course. She doesn't go in a buggy and hasn't for nearly a year now.
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Hey it's not an exact science and if that's all you can manage in a day, at whatever speed, the idea is to get us used to MOVING... not always taking the car, etc etc.

Can you not walk at another time? Any other exercise you enjoy? Swimming? Gym DVDs? He only suggests walking because, for the overweight, that's about all we can manage initially! At your weight, you could aim higher!


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I am on the go all day now and pretty much walk everywhere. I have an allotment so busy there all the time, digging, lifting, moving. I do Zumba on a Thursday as well.

It is more fitting in the prescribed walk. It ends up being after I have finished my dinner whilst my hubby gives the little one a bath and it makes the rest of the evening a bit rushed. (Hubby needs someone telling him to hurry up otherwise her bedtime ends up later - men eh!) Taking it later in the evening feels unsettling because I am walking alone, so end up dreading it.

So for example today, I will be going to her gym class where at the end of the session for about 10 mins I will be running around after her - literally. She loves to be chased. I have walked to the shops, I will have climbed a few flights of stairs, run a vacuum round the whole house. Today is a light day. This weekend we will be on the allotment both days as we are preparing it for the competition on Monday - needless to say walking after this feels unnecessary.


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[...] - needless to say walking after this feels unnecessary.

As Jo said, the walk is just to get you moving if you're too sedentary. By the sound of your lifestyle it's not necessary at all. Apart from the odd walk at lunchtime I never managed to make extra time for walking, and told myself that my reasonably active lifestyle balanced it out: I cycle to work, walk to school, swim once a week, always take the stairs at work...

Don't worry about it, as long as you are active you will be fine. Have you read the whole book cover to cover? I didn't for ages, so that chapter came as a surprise to me: nearer the end DrD includes a chapter on staying active and exercises to do, that might give you some additional pointers.


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Thank you. I thought I was being a little to concerned with following it exactly and started to feel I wasn't committed enough but not doing the walk. Had to miss it for a couple of days as I fell down the stairs (doh) and bruised up my toes and foot.

I have read his book from front to back and now working my way through it again. I struggle to visualise his exercises so must get my husband to read it out whilst I try and do them. Always looking for ways of toning up the flabby bits :)

Thank you, I shall do the walk when I feel I have not been active enough during my day.


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I have read his book from front to back and now working my way through it again.
I don't know why I thought you were going to say you were now reading it backwards! :rolleyes: haaaaa!

Falling down stairs is so not a good idea!! ouch!


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I am so glad it is not just me, I cannot visualise them at all. My hubby is probably going to crack up when helping me so I haven't braved it yet.

Yes falling downstairs (about 5 steps) was not my finest moment. Especially embarrasing since I had just had a conversation with my 3 year old about holding onto the rails as she goes down so she doesn't fall down like bunny just did. One hour later ... and yes I wasn't holding on, and yes she mentioned that fact! Pretty purple toes though, apparently she would like to paint her nails that colour.

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