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Question re: boys shoes not fitting (MIL moan)

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Ok my son is 15 months old I had his feet measured at Clarks and he's 5.5G. If I was to buy new shoes there they would've cost £28 (which we can't afford at mo).

So I thought I'd ask my MIL (as she has an account) to go on ebay and buy them from there as I figured they be fine as only another little child would be wearing them.

I told my MIL that he was 5.5G and she managed to buy a pair of shoes. I was looking at the shoes the other morning as he isn't walking properly in them only to see they were 5.5 H. I said this to MIL thinking she made a mistake but she said oh I didn't win the bid so just bought them they'll be fine.(MIL is a pain in the ars* interferring all the time)

Will they be ok???

I don't think so as they cushion his foot to help him walk and he's not walking right.

are these really bad for his feet????
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I wouldn't hun. Shoes at such a young age should be properly fitted.
However, as my DD has one narrower than the other (E and F) she always has to have an F and an insole in one of them.

As these are a size wider I'd try with insoles otherwise I'm afraid I wouldn't let him wear them hun.


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As far as I understand kids shoes (I don't have any kids though) then yes, I always had very wide feet and if they were not fitted properly then I was in pain when walking, there is a website though where you can buy clarks shoes a lot cheaper, my friend has used them, I go to Cheshire Oaks as they have an Clarks outlet there & I get my stuff for half the shop price - the outlet is a McArthur Glen.

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- hunny, working with kids iv seen a few that find walking slightly delyed due to bad fitting shoes, or find it difficult to keep balance and end up turning one foot in usually to compensate for the uncomfortableness, this then becomes a habit when properly fitting shoes are eventually bought and its hard to tell a child to walk with his feet facing outwards when its only natural to him and he doesnt have a clue what you mean. . its a shame your MIL didnt do the right thing by telling you that they wernt the correct size before she gave them to you, but MIL can be like that sometimes.... after all they know best ;) haha


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My kids never had Clarkes shoes and their feet are perfect.


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I'd never buy second hand shoes as shoes mould to the wearer's feet - there's a chance even if they were the right size they wouldn't actually fit properly.

I've had a mixture of shoes fo my ds - first couple of pairs were Clarks's, but once he was walking confidently I tended to get them from next, asda and matalan! He is currently in Clarks's boots though as I wanted a good pair to see him through winter. He walks absolutely fine and don't *think* he has any probs with his feet!

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