Question re Ketosis/Ketosix


Finally...Life begins
I have a bit of a habit of checking my state of ketosis using ketostix, and for the past week, its always in dark purple, matching the last colour on my pot. Now some days I may not drink loads but I will always get my 2 litres drunk, average is 4 litres

Is this dangerous? Normal? Should it not just show a trace in Ketosis?:confused:
Do you check first thing in the morning? If so, this is when your wee is most concentrated and so is likely to show as dark red. If it's happening later in the day then you need to try and get some more fluids down you (although I accept it's difficult - I have trouble drinking loads too).

The reading on my ketostix are usually rose pink to dark but that's first thing so I don't get too bent out of shape about it. Try not to get too obsessive about the shades on the ketostix: they're only an indication as to your state of ketosis. I check mine perhaps once every couple of weeks although I don't really have to - once you're in ketosis, unless you have a blow out on carbs, then that's where you'll stay.
Thats a relief! Thanks Debbie, and yes I always test first thing! Silly me! Will try testing later!

Glad it doesnt mean too much, and I know I haven't cheated, but I always seem to want reassurance. I think all my guilty thoughts are going to make me gain weight! I have so many of them I wouldnt be suprised! LOL

Need some new rules: Gotta stop testing and gotta stop weighing myself!!
Hi Ange, Ive never done ketostix but I know what you mean about weighing!!!!
Wish I'd never bought the d*mn scales, feel like chuckin em out!!!!!
Hmmm, question is can I abstain till sunday when official weigh in is!
Probably not!
I'm a bit of a ketostix addict. i think I just like watching them change colour -How sad!!! :D
Don't worry about the shade of the ketostix! If you're drinking that amount of water, you're drinking over the minimum.. the most important thing is that you're in ketosis. Mine is always really dark purple too but these days I drink about 5 litres of water.. so don't bother really!