Question re Number of packs ??


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Evening all :)

Just a quick question which I hope you can help me with...

I know Cambridge says that woman OVER 5foot 8 " should have 4 packs per day BUT what if you ARE 5foot 8" ?? should you have 3 or 4 ??

thanx guys....your help is really appreciated !
5ft 8in and above is 4 packs i.e. if you are exactly 5ft 8in then you have 4 packs.

Cheers Mike - knew you helpful CDCs would sort me out :)

My CDC is really useless - she doesn't even phone to ask how WI went or how I'm doing..:( so I am relying on Minimins BIG TIME - than god you lot are here :D
You are more than welcome m8eeeeee

And well done on 19 pounds already!

thanx m8 :D well pleased with 19lbs off...but on AAM this week and feeling incredibly guilty at eating real food !!! Feels like I'm cheating...does that sound daft ??

and also....with only 1lb off last week, I'm really hoping for a good loss this week and am panicking in case I don't cos of AAM :eek:
AAM doesn't affect your fat loss but it can make you retain some water so usually if you have a bad loss week then the following week sorts it out.

And yes I know what you mean but you AREN'T cheating and you won't knock yourself out of ketosis and are doing brill.


a HUGE thank-you to all of you for taking the time to reply :)

It really means a lot-dunno where I'd be without you guys ;)