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i do take mine to work - with a shaker and make them there. those shaker's are very worth while as they are very useful when you're out and about too. i'd invest in one.

if you make them in the morning and take them with you the nutrition in them starts to fade, and also they separate and look revolting.

id buy the plastic cup if i was u, theyre great for carrying with u. u could always put the water in ready then when u need ur shake just add powder and shake till ur arm falls off.
no u cant make it up 4 later. think it loses some vitamins or something.

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As has been said- the nutrients break down after 15mins so it'd be useless to you. Like drinking water.
The shakers are only a few £'s and well worth it. I bought a small hand blender as well as I could only take them with loads of crushed ice!


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You need to drink it within 15 minutes to get the benefit of all the nutrients.

I have a shaker which I take to work. Will probably get another one to leave there.

I left my shaker at home on Monday so had to make 2 shakes with no shaker.

First attempt was an absolute pain. I got a 500ml water bottle with water in it and tried to add the sachet. Most of the sachet ended up on my desk, trousers and floor. I then shook what did make it into the bottle and it did mix but was quite lumpy.

Second shake was a bit better as I sussed that I could use some paper made into a funnel to get it into the water bottle. But it still didn't mix as well as it does in a shaker.

The shakers are well worth the extra money. If you can't get to the pharmacist to get one, tesco's sell a similar one. It's just a different colour and I think costs just unde r£5.

This is the one I got from Tesco

Sci-Mx Shaker Bottle


Edited to add: Oops! Was posting at the same time as others and have basically repeated what has already been said
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I use an electric blender, quickest option for me..
I take it to work in a beaker and drink within 15 mins.. it goes yukky after that... (even leaves sandy bits in end if its left)

hoolie - ha ha .. same thing happened to me... i tried doing it in the car (with bottle and sachet) and got the powder everywhere....


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Try the 'games' forum- I've heard thats a quick & easy way to bump your posts?
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Good luck!
[hoolie - ha ha .. same thing happened to me... i tried doing it in the car (with bottle and sachet) and got the powder everywhere....]

Me too.
Centre console of my car looks as if I had thrown a satchet over it.
That was a month ago but car valeting is not a high priority.


Getting thinner everyday!
LOL..glad I'm not alone on that one then.

I usually take a flapjack to work and have that instead of a shake, not as nice, but not as messy lol
Everyone's pretty much said this, but, a shaker is definitely a great investment!

I've been on my summer holiday's for the entire time I've done LT this time, but when I did LighterLife I used to take a bar to school to have at lunchtimes. That said, the LL bars are definitely more appealing than the LT ones!

I'll be back at university next week & am just planning to have a shake in the morning & then have the two others when I get back. As you don't get hungry on LT I don't think it's really an issue waiting? Sometimes I don't have my first shake until the evening.

Good luck :)


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I tend to have one in the morning, another at 5.00 and the third at 8.00. I just have a black coffee at lunchtime. I find this works for me.

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