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I will do this!!!
That i control food, it doesnt control me!

I can lose weight im not made this way, im not going to be fat for much longer!!
Mine would be similar Ive learnt the unhealthy hold that food has on me and that I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to control those demons, ive also learnt that I must have looked awfull because everyone is telling me I look so much better now and healthier.
Not to stuff my face ;)
Seriously though, I've learnt that I don't need to snack continuously throughout the day and my outlook on food has changed, hence the cooking lessons :)
That I can beat this & even if I fall occassionally I WILL kick the fat girls ass :) & become a thin girl
I agree with kilobel occasionally i will have a blip then someone will say you are looking really well and that jolts me back into line I can do this but it will take an enourmous amount of self control
I know I've just started on LT but I'm already surprised at how much food was a habit for me. I ate because it was breakfast TIME, lunch TIME or tea TIME - not because I was actually hungry. I was also in the habit of picking at food as soon I felt the first hunger pangs or when I was bored. Hopefully a few on months LT will allow me to drop these habits and I can start afresh.


Always welcome new m8's!
Dont let Lipotrim be your life!

At first its all about the diet, but its not

thats what ive learnt:D
That the hunger pangs are usually thirst!

That a plate doesn't need to be cleared and it's okay to stop when you are full!

LT flapjacks taste nothing like Snickers flapjacks ;)

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