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Questions about joining

Hi everyone. :)

I've just been reading through tonnes of SW threads and I think I'm going to join this coming week. I've been doing calorie counting and then slimfast and over the past few months I've (super slowly!) lost a bit of weight.. but I think a group and proper weigh in with a plan would be helpful.

I'm a shy person anyway so quite nervous about it. Is it scary? I'm only 19 and I'm suspecting there won't be all that many younger people going? Or am I wrong?

Also.. what happens at your first meeting? And will I have to decide on a target weight? I've read about red, green and EE plans, will they all be explained to me? Can you pay on the door each week?

Sorry for all the questions! And I must be off, it's my bedtime!

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There is no way of knowing what the age group will be. In my group the youngest is 15 and the oldest is over 80.

In any case, it really shouldn't matter - they are all people who want the same thing!

You can either pay each week or buy a "countdown" which commits you to either six or twelve weeks. A six-week countdown costs the equivalent of five weekly payments; a twelve-week countdown costs the same as ten weekly payments.

Normally what happens is that the consultant will give you an introductory talk, together with any other new members, and will explain the plans to you. You will also get a starter pack with all the information explained. This usually happens while all the other members are being weighed.

To be honest, I think that the best thing for you to do is to ring up the consultant in advance for a chat. Explain that you are nervous, ask all the questions you want, and then she will know to expect you and look out for you when you arrive.

You won't be the first shy and nervous person she has dealt with and she will do her best to put you at your ease.

Good luck with your first meeting!

You will be fine I'm sure, advice above says it all :), just for a bit of reassurance I'm 18 and go to SW, all will be explained to you with regards to the plan, good luck

Keep us posted with your progress!

Katie x
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We have a few in our group about your age too....i was nervous too, but my consultant and the rest fo the group were greast and real friendly. I look forward to going every week now and the support you get is great :). I never give myself a target, they gave me a 'club 10' goal which is 10% of your actual weight....but there is no timelines on when you lose it...and when you get to that goal you can just make another one. We do do mini goals every week as to how much we are hoping to lose in that week tho....I defiantly reccomend going, you will love it and begin to look forward to weigh in days :)


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Age is irrelevent. It's a group of people all wanting the same thing. All different ages, sharing a common goal.

It's very supportive.

As has been said they set a club ten target, 10% of bodyweight. After that and when closer to the time you can talk about setting interim and final targets.

There's no pressure and you will be made to feel very welcome.

Good luck with it.
I have been going over a year and not set my target yet...its all at your own pace with SW! I have achieved my club 10 though.

Hope you love your meeting x
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The meetings are so relaxed and not like other slimming clubs, I wouldn't miss my class for anything because I love seeing everyone and I've made some really good friends,everyone is so supportive it's brilliant and we have a range of ages in our group.. Good luck in joining you've made a great deisicion

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