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Questions and Answers

Hi All

Hope you don't mind me starting another thread but thought it might be easier to have somewhere with just questions and answers. I love reading all the posts but sometimes can't remember where i saw a good answer/tip amongst the chat and moral support (equally valuable).

Had a few false starts since doing really well at the beginning of the year but now i'm back and need to lose the half stone i've put back on and the other 1 that never came off. Not much i know but this last bit is stubborn.

I did Lipotrim last time but like the look of cambridge 'cos of the greater variety. However i am a bit confused. Not that i'm trying to cheat before i start but.....:rolleyes:

Can i really have zero coke? How much and do i include this in my 'water' total? One can a day?

If i have blk coffee why does this not count in the water total? Or does it?

On a scale of 1 - 10. With 10 being a really yummy chocolate eclair :sigh: and 5 being a piece of chicken (not tempting -veggie)
where would you place a splash of skimmed milk once a day for the morning coffee? Trying to justify this to myself as shakes milk based. I know you'll say no but worth asking.

Not too bad on the water. Have discovered summer berry makes it much easier. I do find water a chore.

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I can't answer all your questions, but I can have a go at some of the others!!! Lol!!!

Firstly welcome back - I am a re-starter too and you are not the only one on here!!!

Yes, you can have coke zero - try and limit yourself to 1 pint a day - I have 2 cans...it can affect weight loss in some people though, so try and have some ketostix ready the next day to make sure that it doesn't affect you.
Don't include it in your water quantity either...obviously water is best!!!
Coffee does not count as water either, as you should try and drink the water in the purest form - with nothing in!!!!
If you really want milk in your coffee, why not try adding vanilla milkshake instead? Not sure of the taste, as I don't drink tea and coffee on this plan, but I am sure that there are others that can help you.

Summer Berry is great!!! In the summer, you could buy some of those "make your own ice lolly" moulds and use the summer Berry or the orange to make an ice lolly.

I hope this has helped you!!!

Good luck with your journey!!!


Thanks Mrs V

I've managed 4 ltr so far today using summer berry and warm water. I do sometimes save a spoon or so of vanilla shake and then pretend its milk in my coffee.

Anyone answer my other questions?:rolleyes:


Got to stop eating!
Coke Zero and Coffee are both what are called Diarehtics and therefore in actual fact de-hydrate you this is the reason they are not counted as in actual fact in some people will cancel out the water that they have drunk! But only some people!

What do you mean the shakes are milk based??? Sorry to ask but I read someone elses posts a while ago and they had their shake powders mixed with milk not water! That's why I ask!



Got to stop eating!
That's ok then!

I asked someone a while ago and their CDC had told them to make the shakes with milk which I found most odd!

Reet I am off home now see you all laterz!!!
Oops sorry to mislead. Yes i of course only make up with water but the basic ingredients include milk.

Thanks for clearing up the zero coke thing. Makes perfect sense.
I'm not an expert but I guess if you really want a splash of skimmed milk then the only thing you can do is try it for a couple of days, see if it affects your ketosis and your weight loss. It may not be a bad thing for you, you may still get good losses and if it means you can stick to the diet and don't give up then overall it is a positive thing even if technically it's not allowed.


Got to stop eating!
With regards to the coffee with milk thing give black coffee a chance I used to have milky coffee with sugar and hated black coffee with a vengance to begin with it onl,y took me a few days and now can't stand milk in my coffee! I have it black with a little bit of water and 2 sweetner tablets!

Honestly give it a chance and you will get used to it!

As for black tea... Well that just tastes like p**s water!


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