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Quick and easy breakfasts


I will do this!!!


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scrambled eggs in the microwave :) you can use milk or cheese from your HexA to make it more interesting, or you can just have them as they are with some salt and pepper? I grill tomatos and have them with it, they dont take long to cook. Could add spagetti hoops to they are free? or beans? or turkey rashers/lean bacon?


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Try Donnie's Magic Porridge idea or how about cooking some pudding rice the night before and then you can eat it in the morning.


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Fried egg sarny!

Use 2 slices of Nimble/WW bread as HEB and the egg and frylight are free.

If you want a sauce (red/brown) just count the syns for whatever brand you make. I love fried egg sarnies and often make this for breakfast as it takes no time at all and it's lish! x

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Why not cook a fry up the night before and then heat it up in the microwave??
Thats what I do.
Bacon, Morrisons sausages (when I can get them!), tinned new potatoes, mushrooms, fried eggs (pierce them before reheating in the microwave though) and baked beans (all free on an EE day).
I eat my breakfast at work..all my meals are planned the evening before and cooked then too, so that I dont have to give in to temptation..tomorrow Im planning a roast dinner for my lunch!


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Chop up a load of fruit and chuck a yoghurt over it, toast two slices of hovis bread and put some tuna in! I have an microwave egg poacher, I bung a couple of eggs in and chuck them on some toast! Porridge with Jam in or raisins!


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SW rice pudding - either cookit while you're getting ready or have it cold

And you can have a hot breakfast - I just bung the sausages on the George Foreman and they cook while I'm getting dressed, microwave scrambled eggs and bean, toast and you're sorted.

Sliced tomatoes on toast with salt and black pepper is gorgeous


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You could chop some melon or fresh pineapple then night before and have it on it's own or mixed with some yoghurt. Omelette or beans on toast?


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I'm really into Weetabix with hot milk at the moment, nom nom :)