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Quick and easy meal ideas anyone?


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Was talking to a friend on SW and she was saying she is struggling because she has little time to plan and prepare meals and then ends up having the wrong thing as is hungry and needs to eat quick.
It got me wondering what do people do to avoid this and what meals would they suggest to others that can be done quickly with little prep etc
One of my faves in this sort of situation is stir fry. Often have this on a Friday night after work/netball as it feels like a treat and I can have my superfree really quickly and easily and spice it up etc nom nom :)
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If Its fast I want then I do homemade soups (15mins- when you use frozen veggies). Or QUICKEST- cous cous (crumble in a chicken oxo & a sprinkle of cumin), with microwaves veggies (one of those veg bags).

Though, there's omelettes, jacket potatoes & beans...
another way to do it, is to cook double of something, and then freeze it. Take it out in the morning before work, and it will be ready when you get home. you might have to do some veg, but that only takes a few moments :)


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If on a green day you could do quorn sausages and baked beans :) very quick!
Or for red/EE low fat sausages and tinned tomatoes is good too.


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boil some pasta, stir in half a carton passata, throw in a steam veg bag and some bacon/ham/chicken and mixed herbs/oregano. 12mins tops :)


Quick and easy

  • Marshalls macaroni and cheese, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes to make 1/3 superfree
  • Tinned potatoes, Quorn sausages and baked beans (free on green or make xtra veg for superfree)
  • Omlette with veggies, tuna, chicken, cold meat whatever
  • Stirfry as mentioned
  • Minute steak, steam veggies and freezer rice or pasta (only takes 10 minutes)
  • Pasta and veggies with laughing cow's stirred through
  • Mushy pea curry
  • Egg noddles and freezer chicken chow mein takes under 10 minutes
  • Mexicana eggs
  • Special fried rice, freezer rice, egg, veggies, cold meat, chicken
The chicken breast strips you can buy from Farmfoods, they are cook from frozen and only take a few minutes to fry up, about £2 a bag

Emergency freezer rice from Asda is good for £1 a bag. I know it's expensive for what it is but for quickness I love it.

Tinned potatoes are not my go to foods but good in a pinch!

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