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Quick CD question

Sorry... I'm sure this will have been covered somewhere else!

I did LL and got to goal earlier this year. I've pretty much maintained my weight and actually last month I did an olympic distance triathlon and did it in a really good time! So I'm pleased with that.

Although I got to goal it is definitely the upper end of my BMI and I would like now to lose another 1-2 stone - mostly to aid my physical fitness as although I am a very strong swimmer and cyclist, my weight is holding back my running.

Also I do still feel rather fat and recognise that I would be in better shape if I lose a little more.

Ideally I want to return to my current LL counsellor who is fantastic (actually I have not left her per se but I've been overseas for a month or so). However, I start a new job on Monday which will mean that I can no longer travel to her practice during the week.

There is a CD lady v. close to me and I am wondering if it might be easier just to go to her for this last little bit. (although I will really really miss my counselling).

However, I seem to recall that you are not allowed to sole source beyond a certain point in CD.... but I can't remember at what point that is? Is it BMI 21?

If someone could remind me I'd be ever so grateful.

Many thanks.
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This is the official guidance from CD Head Office, the information in the booklet is not correct, nobody should be on less than 1000 cals at BMI 25 so need to introduce SS and 790 a week at each stage beforehand. Booklets are currently under review.

BMI & Choosing your Programme Level
To Clarify

To do Sole Source (SS), Add-A-Meal (AAM) or the 790 your BMI must be no lower than 25 + 1 stone as these programmes are considered to be a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

All the higher programmes (1000, 1200, and 1500) are ok to use as long as your BMI is not underweight.

If you have followed SS, then your BMI drops to say 26, you should then move to 790 for 1 week and then up to 1000 where you will continue your weight loss to your desired BMI.

Ideally your counsellor should calculate your BMI at your weekly weigh in to see where you are and advise as necessary.

After you have reached your target you should continue on 1500kcals until you are happy to maintain naturally through healthy eating.

Please note that If you increase your activity levels and exercise regime, then you will require a higher calorie and water intake.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Kerensa
PR Executive - Cambridge


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You should not SS below BMI 25 + 1 stone..but you can use 1 of the other plans and you will still loose weight..Guve the CDC a ring and have a chat, she will steer you in the right direction.
Thanks guys! To be completely honest, I would rather SS than a mixture of SS and meals, although I know it works extremely well for many people - so I may see if my current counsellor has a suitable class at weekends. I'll give her a call and see.

Thanks so much for the information. As always I get great advice on here!


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