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Quick question..

I would guess that once your BMI is under 30 thye would stop prescribing it, but you could always switch to Alli (the non prescritption version) as it is safe to use for a BMI of 28 or more.


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I would imagine that when your weight is in the healthy bmi range they would stop the xenical..its a very expensive drug and i dont think they will give it you when youre at a healthy weight :)
I'm just hoping they don't stop it the second I get into the just 'overweight' bmi.


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I think it goes by your height, if your a healthy weight for your height they'll stop you but if not they'll carry on :)


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I'm just hoping they don't stop it the second I get into the just 'overweight' bmi.

Hi hun, i would say that if you got down to overweight bmi then you would still qualify for the xenical :D

Thankyou. :D
I don't want to rely on the tabs but also don't want to just get started and have it taken away.
Just need to get down to heathy bmi now :)
MY BMI is still over 28, so still get Xenical, my GP is happy to prescribe it to me until my BMI is within a healthy range :)



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hi ya (sorry late replyer here!!)

my dr has stated that he is happy for me to continue taking the tablets until i get to the ideal weight he has kinda set for me (i think its 61-63kg) or until a year has past (as you are not supposed to be on the tablets for more than a year without a break.)
so if i dont get to that by the end of the year he will want me to take a break and then i only assume he would start me back on them after 6 months, if i have still not reached that goal!


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you'll be maintaining by then hun, im sure :)


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