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Quick question :)

Just wondered if somebody could help me please..

I'm new to all this and starting class tomorrow.. I just wondered what everybody did to get their shopping coz I haven't a clue what I need to buy ... Do we get an idea once we have been to class? I just didn't want to leave it till after that coz I like to be organised for the next day etc I'm gunna plan my whole week and was kinda hoping I could do this in advance and not the night before I'm going to start..

Just to add, I have already bought the starter pack and have the calculator.. Just not all that sure on how to use it yet lol

Thanks xx
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My first week I just got used to the idea that I can't have carbs freely (I did sw before). Stcok up on the obvious things like fruit and veg. You can still have your pasta and rice dishes, but be aware that the portion of rice or pasta will be tiny! I tend to make a thick tomatoey pasta sauce with lots of veg so I hardly notice the small amount of pasta for example!
Quorn is a good thing to stock up on as well. It is low in pp. I'm veggie so I have no idea about meat or fish though, sorry.
Sugar free jelly, fat free yogurt, frozen fruit. These are all good for dessert.
I have cut out hard cheese almost completely. Hard boiled eggs seem a good substitute.
And don't make the mistake I did in my first week and think a v large jacket potato with baked beans is a good idea...It isn't!


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if in doubt grab some ww ready meals for the freezer and buy in lean meats, I find baby potatoes easiest to deal with as you can cook just a few at a time, veg in any format, plenty fruit. The first few weeks I kinda winged it and eventually you work out whats good and whats not so good.
some crispbreads are handy and light soft cheese. ww soups are okay, or look up some zero point soups (veg soups basically), therres a lot shared about the site.
plan ahead, if you get a chance, work out the next days main meals so you get to grips with balancing out your points over the day. Dont forget to leave some for snacks if you snack a lot. worst thing to do is deprive yourself too much and you have a blow out.
best of luck!


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Haha Sassia after doing normal points for so long i assumed jacket potatoes would be reasonably low...and beans...i made that mistake too! can't believe how high beans are, gutted!
beans work out at 1pp per tbsp which is quite high as a tbsp doesn't go very far. If your havin ww ready meals I think you need to make extra veg to go with them as some of them aren't that filling


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yup i add extra veg and a slice of brown bread usually :)


I can haz cake?
beans work out at 1pp per tbsp which is quite high as a tbsp doesn't go very far. If your havin ww ready meals I think you need to make extra veg to go with them as some of them aren't that filling

Aye a full size tin is a whopping 8pp, and a snap pot is 4pp... nice for lunch on the odd occasion but very expensive points wise!


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I made the jacket potato and beans mistake too! I also assumed that peas, because they are a vegetable, were zero points. Had planned on eating a lot of them until I checked my book.
I've only been doing pro points two and a bit weeks - slowly getting the hang of it. One thing that's helped me is creating a personal recipie book. I point a recipie I like and know I'll have again then write down the amounts of ingredients and pro points value per dish. Saves all the calculating when I'm on a hurry


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i buy the WW baked beans but the small tins. They actually taste really nice despite being low sugar etc. They are 4PPs for the small tin. :)

I make a lot of the veg 0PP soups & freeze them in individual portions & the tomato & veg pasta sauces too.

My treat meal of the week is either a nice juicy lean steak or an indian. Saturday is my treat day also WI day so then i have all week to pull it back before WI. :)

Enjoy! I've found PP so easy & it fits in with my life too. I travel overseas a lot so "diets" have never worked for me but PP does. x
Thanks :)

I had the beans last night believe it or not lol

I've started it proper today though ... Seems to be going well, I'm not hungry yet ;) xx
I just bought a book to write down my recipies and pro points values ect. I think it will be really handy in a few weeks when its starting to build up.
I've started looking up the things I like from places like Costa and adding them to the back of my recipie book. It means if I'm planning to grab lunch out a quick glance will tell me what I've got enough points for.
I have gone through all my cookery mags - nonww and pulled out the recipes I love and pointed them on e source. I have an A4 binder and dividers and I keep them in there in categories and later on will point them in the categories so if I need a 5 pt recipe I can find one quickly. I also have a few cookery books I have used a lot which have the nutrional values in them and as I am immobile this week I have pointed 3 cookery books - saved me being bored by daytimeTV.
Vijch I'm impressed. That's dedication!!!

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