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Quickachip Tray..


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Not sure if this is in the right section but wasn't sure where it would fit :)

I bought a quickachip tray from B&M's today for the grand total of £1.29 :D Only thing is, I'm not quite sure how to use it :eek:

Do I need to have my oven on lower than I normally do when making SW chips, or do I increase the cooking time?

I'm really rubbish at cooking/baking and I have tried searching on google for the answer before I embarrassed myself here but couldn't find the answers. Please can someone help me? :eek:
Caz xxx
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Are these those things that were on dragons den, made by the bloke who invented toasty bags?

it just looked like a small black wired tray? in theory to crisp more evenly?

should have instructions, if not, do it as you normally would.. i would! all trial and error x


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Yeah Fern that's the one and nope, no instructions. It's just with the name, wasn't sure if it would cook them quicker or not and if the temperature had to be lower or not. Getting sick of burning things so wanted it to be right first time! :D


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I bought a similar one a while back from poundland tbh I dont use it much really, difficult to spray your chips with frylight without getting it all over the work surfaces. The times I have used it havn't noticed much difference in cooking time or quality of chips just how difficult it is to get them from oven to plate without dropping them :D:D
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I use one and yes they cook a lot quicker. I've yet to figure out just how long is right though and what temperature. Before I had it I stuck oven on highest and left them for ages but I burnt them that way with this tray. I put it on about gas mark 7 and check after 15 mins sometimes seem to take longer though.

Sorry, not much help!


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I use one it's like a net. It's great. I put a chopping board underneath when I spray/put on herbs. I think things are better on it x


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I saw something similar in Instore, but I decided it'd be a bugger to clean properly.


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Thanks for all your help, I'll try it out tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!!! :D

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