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Quirky_Candy's Dequirking

Hi guys. Figured I'd write a diary too.

I'm 22. Been struggling to lose weight all year. Thought I'd hit the magic balance between exercise and eating healthy yet losing stopped and no matter what calorie intake or gym intensity I do, the weight isn't going anywhere argh!

So a friend introduced me to Exante. It's PERFECT. No measuring, no battling with HOW much to put on my plate- no eating something just because it's going to go off otherwise and be wasted (hazard if you live on your own and cant foister it off on a :family2: hubby or a kid) and most of all I don't feel hungry. Told a friend the other day he could wave a muffin in front of me and I could smell it and still say no :D

I'm on Day 4. And hoping to lose 3 stone.. If I actually lose all that this year I'll totally cry! :cry:

Gonna update this daily with observations and hope its useful for someone else or someone reads it and decides they CAN do it because maybe I did :D
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Thanks Julie :) Wasn't impressed by the scales this morning so just did 23 minutes cardio- burnt quite a few cals on the eliptical so gotta be careful I dont overdo it but I feel energised happy and not achey! yay! =D
I wouldnt worry youre so close to your target- its supposed to get harder the lighter you are unfortunately! Xx
i did get to target but gained just over a stone which i am now trying to get off again!
am generally good most of the time but today is a planned day off for a party and so is wednesday :(
will be working my butt off on the kinect later ;)


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Good luck Candy , I am sure you will soon be saying goodbye to that 3 stone :)
Thanks Katt! Today has been exhausting =( Tired, brain wont work properly! Not seeing much of a change on the scales either =( all this effort and its not falling off like it is for everyone else =( Feeling low but wont break the diet- its day 5 so i gotta be strong and give it the whole month! Xx


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I lost 5 pounds - everyone else seems to lose twice that in week one and it is easy to get down about it - but better 5 pounds off than on eh? Try not to weigh in everyday as your weight will jump all over the place and make you feel you are not doing well - maybe we will have a big loss next week hun :)
I bl**dy well hope so! I need some positivity to come from somewhere- I know I'm naturally inclined to get down, i self medicate with food and then gym so i know its just not going to the gym and not eating much is getting to me but I can do it- need to distract myself and be around friends- shame I dont live with family =( I did go on an amazing date saturday and the guy was sweet as honey! I could have drizzled him everywhere hehe! So thats something positive to think about, I'll concentrate on happy thoughts! I've been cheating slightly and THINKING I'm eating food, chewing it in my mind and tbh it just as good a hit as the real thing! Until I realise there's nothing in my mouth and drink a load of water hehe.. I reckon when I break through this slump I'll feel excellent.. because the weights got to come off right! I'm not eating enough for it to maintain! Xx
Day 6 and I don't feel as bad as yesterday - definitely lost more- just two days til my weigh-in so I'm on track I think. So good to feel the scales go down, really needed to see that. Havent broken the diet at all and I am definitely in ketosis because I havent broken the diet at all but I dont feel bad for it, just happy that I'm sticking by my goals for once and taking control of my silly self! Tomorrow will be a week on the diet but as I didnt really start eating the foods til the afternoon (the packs arrived at 3pm) I'm gonna make my weigh days every Friday...

Looking forward to tomorrow, mushroom and strawberry day =D Good day ;)


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WTG you for having such a good week so far - I have got to day 9 100% and it does feel good to be in control - we can do this!!! Hope you have a fab WI day xx
You are doing fantastically! Keep going and I'm sure your WI will be awesome!!
Weigh in day and all I've lost is 4lbs =( It's a loss but it's not as dramatic as I'd have liked- now that I'm used to the diet I'm hitting the gym as soon as I can after work and making sure next weeks weigh-in beats that! Work hasn't helped, this c*** looked me in the eyes and said 'you are the way you are, you arent going to lose any weight are you?' he said it in this matter of tone, 'youre just kidding yourself and im just laughing at you' tone.. people like that make me not want to eat ever again :'( and hes a fat c***!
Not an amazing weight loss at all but I have lost 4lbs so I guess I should feel positive.. hoping my posts become more positive as the weeks go on guys sorry! Xx
Morning what a prat how can he say that to you..!!! People like that are not worth it honestly.
Enjoy the gym and 4 lbs is a huge amount to lose keep smiling x
Well done Candy 4 pounds is a lot especially as you only (only ??!!) have 3 stone to lose ......stay strong and just let stupid peoples comments wash over you. They are not worth it x


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He is an idiot and probably knows that he will be stuck at being a fat c*** as you put it lol and doesn't like the fact you are doing something about the 3 stone you want to lose - ignore him and he will soon have to eat his words!

I only lost 5 lbs and I was a tiny bit disapointed too but I figure 4-5 lbs is better off than on and we have a whole new WI day to look forward to :D Hope you have a great week - and no more idiots to put up with!
Aww thankyou guys =) Yeah I'm feeling more positive this evening. Looking forward to Torchwood and a good sleep! It's amazing how hungry I felt when I was angry, probably because I was burning through my energies because of him- totally not doing it again, like you said he's not worth it! Only two men in my life I'm fond of right now, my Dad and the guy I had a date with Saturday =D Looking forward to this Saturday =D He even said he didnt think I needed to lose weight bless him =) 4lbs this week, maybe 6lbs next week?? Thats what I'm aiming for, with a few exercise sessions it should happen =D Xx


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LOL I am looking forward to Torchwood too might even go crazy and have a soup while watching it :p Glad you are feeling better hun xx