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quit smoking now i need help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by supersynner, 13 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    ok so i quit smoking 29th december using champix tablets, i did plan this and knew i was going to put on weight thats why i joined sw to lose weight before i quit.
    i lost 2st 6lb:D but now its all just piling back on im struggling to lose just 1lb or even maintain so im here going to do food diaries in the hope i stay motivated and away from syns
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  3. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    my food diary for today
    breakfast- cherry muller light (2syns), banana
    snack- 2x apple
    lunch- baked beans, 2 fried eggs(using fry light), banana, 2x clementines
    tea- beef stew, cabbage and mashed potato (syns- 1 tomarto puree, 1 1/2 gravy, 1 1/2 butter)
    snacks- 2x alpen light bars heb (saving these for tonight when i feel hungry
    milk in brews and mash hea
    probably snack on some fruit aswell

    6 syns used for today
  4. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    could someone please move this to the food dairies sections
  5. mizztraveller

    mizztraveller Member

    That's the real downer about quitting smoking - I gained a stone in 3 months and it's a real effort trying to get rid of it. They say it's because food tastes better when you don't smoke so you eat more. Rubbish! I haven't smoked for 19 months now and food tastes exactly the same as it did!
    Good luck and don't go back to the cigs!
  6. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    i gained 2 1/2 stone the last time i quit 6 years ago and the only reason for me starting again was my weight thats why this time i thought id lose the 2 1/2 stone first then quit. im hoping this time not to gain the 2 1/2 stone by sticking with slimming world.....fingers crossed
  7. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    breakfast- muller light (free) banana
    snack- apple
    lunch- tuna pasta with tomarto, cucumber, red onion and 1 boiled egg. banana and an apple
    tea- smoked haddock, sw chips, mushy pies
    snacks- 2 xalpen light bars heb, milk in brew hea
    will snack on more fruits just need to go to shop and buy some more
    Last edited: 14 February 2011
  8. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    slowly slipping ack off track so here goes
    today did start good but then...
    breakfast- muller light and banana
    snack- 2x apples
    dinner- tuna pasta, onion, eggs and tbsp salad cream (2 1/2syns)
    snacks- 3 chocolate hobnob biscuits :O (13 1/2syns)
    tea- beef stirfry, boiled rice, black bean sauce (3 1/2syns)
    snack- apple and 2x alpen light bars HEB
    milk used in cuppas HEA

    syns total- 19 arghhhhhhh

    must remember to drink more water so i feel full
  9. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    SW all the way
    Its only one day! Just start again tomorrow. I messed up and had the wrong bread this morning - had 8 syns worth of bread when I thought it was my HEXB! What a waste of syns. At least you used yours on nice stuff!
  10. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    i know i keep telling myself that thats why im back here now as i can get back on track, fresh start tomorrow.
  11. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    this is what i plan to have today, i will come back and edit if anything changes. im also trying not to use many syns today after yesterdays blip
    breakfast- muller light and banana
    snacks- apples and clementines, 2x scan bran (2syns) laughing cow light (1 1/2syns)
    dinner- batchlors savoury rice (beef), muller light, banana
    tea- sw chips, fry lite eggs, beans and tomartoes
    snacks- apples, banana's and clemintines, club biscuit 5.5 syns, cookies (3 1/2syns)- think i better get myself to bed early before eat any more, lol
    2x alpen light heb
    milk in brews hea

    12 1/2syns used
    Last edited: 19 February 2011
  12. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    breakfast- muller light, banana
    snacks- apples, clemintines and 2x plums
    dinner- bacon, egg, baked beans, tomartoes, mushrooms
    tea- yummy beef stew, carrot n turnip, onion,cabbage, mashed potato
    syns- 1 1/2 gravy, 1 flora,
    snacks- apples, 2 x alpen light bars- heb, banana, strawberries, 1 scan bran with cottage cheese (1 syn)
    supper- crunchy nut clusters 28g (6syn)

    todays syns- 9 1/2
    Last edited: 20 February 2011
  13. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    breakfast- 2x scan bran (2syns) with cottage cheese, plum and apple
    snacks- banana and clemintine, viscount (couldnt resist, lol) 3 1/2 syns
    dinner- tuna pasta (red onion, tomarto, eggs boiled, tbsp salad cream (1syns)
    tea- smoked haddock, mushy peas, sw chips- sugar free jelly (1 syn) mini milk (1 1/2 syn)
    snacks- 2 alpen light heb, apple, plum, 4 pieces chewing gum (1/2syn)

    9 1/2 syns used
    Last edited: 21 February 2011
  14. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    breakfast- muller light with apple and banana sliced
    snacks- plums and apples
    dinner- savoury rice
    tea- spaghetti bol (tin tomartoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms) whole wheat pasta
    snacks- 2xalpen light heb, strawberries, apple & plum
    syns- viscount 3 1/2, KFC icecream:O ???
    Last edited: 23 February 2011
  15. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    breakfast- muller cheese cake 1 syn and banana
    snacks- apple, plum, 2x scan bran (2syns), ham n cottage cheese, kitkat 5.5
    dinner- spag bol (left over from tea yesterday)
    tea- baked beans on toast (4 1/2syns)
    snack-apple, strawberries, plums
    Last edited: 24 February 2011
  16. supersynner

    supersynner Member

    weigh in day ekkkk not looking forward to it
    breakfast- cheese cake muller 1syn
    snacks- apple, banana
  17. peggypig

    peggypig Silver Member

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    sw extra easy & green
    Hi Super synner WELL DONE!!!!

    I know what you are going through I stopped smoking in October but it didnt make me eat more.

    I think you are looking to replace the smoking with something else, but youve done the hardest knocking off the fags keep it up best thing you could do for yourself.
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