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quit using electronic cigarette


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Starting week 5 of no smoking and have only occasionally used oh's electronic cig. Have found it give really satisfactory in follies my craving.
Oh is doing amazingly well too, never thought he'd stay off them this long, now I think that's us done smoking forever, well fingers crossed.
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Still off the smokes. It's been 8 weeks, starting our 9th week now. I am so happy to be still off them.
I'm using e-cigs too and although I haven't stopped smoking completely I've cut down by over 2 thirds a day how many cigs I smoke
o there great the electronic cig, i had one to go to australia with and was smoking it on the plane, the guy at the side of me was a smoker and was dying for one but i was fine. really couldnt reccomend enough!!

Have now quit for nearly 2 years (still miss it soooo much tho!) i quit when i first found out i was pregnant and havent touched one since- easier when u do it for someone else other than youself.

well done!!! first few weeks are hardest!!
Hi all I'm off the cigarettes 8 weeks now ( well would of been if I didn't slip up the other day !! ) I had a cig other day only one and I don't even know why I had it as I was doing fine , I haven't had one since but I have been dying for one so I was thinking of buying one of those e cigs . Are they any good ?? Thanks
They are good, but if you've managed 8 weeks and only had one cig I don't think you need an e-cig. As they're a nicotine delivery system they might have the reverse effect and have you back on the cigs.
Very well done on your stopping.


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Well I'm just about 6 months off them now, but I have to admit my e cig has been my saviour on many occasions. I think that it is even more valuable to me now than it was in the beginning as I have always got it to go to in those moment when you might give in. Yes it is nicotine, but I find I only use it when I feel like I'm going to give in and have a smoke. Not as an everyday thing!
Hope that makes sense. Congratulations, you are doing amazing anyway!

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I think I will get one guys cause since I last wrote I have had 3 :-( so annoyed with myself but I'm finding it harder now than I ever have . It's just every now and then like wen I popped into a friends for a cup of tea and wud usually have a fag and she did so then I found myself just lightning one of hers for myself !!
Paddy Puff is in Ireland but seems to be out of stock, try looking on ukvapers forum or allaboutecigs forum, loads of info on there.


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The one I have is elites. It's fantastic, I've bought about 6 of them for friends and family. They often come up in the groupon site, both English and Irish. And deliver to Ireland.

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Fingers crossed for you so! It's a site that offers a one day sale on different products or services. Sometime you can get a good deal. Other times it can be complete rubbish.

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Have to say I am loving my e cig I think it's the best thing ever !! Can't believe it didn't think it wud of been this good ! I actually feel like I am having a cig :) went out last night and me few drink and I was totally grand with my e cig ! Raging I never got one before I think a couple of family members will be getting one as a present !

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