quit using electronic cigarette

Yeah I've just got one . Not that I want to smoke anymore (as I passed someone with a cig and it stank ! ) but I still miss the had to mouth part . I know it sounds completely insane but I've been smoking on and off since I was 14 and I'm 28 now so doing that movement with my hand daily for all those years does seem like something is missing . But I can't wait until the day where I don't think twice about cravings or being in situations where I would normally light up .
When I used to smoke I used E-Cigs on the plane on long haul - I believe they are banned now?
Ok but i can't remember cigs ever tasting like that , but i suppose the nicotine is clouded by all the other toxins and chemicals in a cig but inky using it when i desperately need to . But yeah so far so good but i yhinkbweek 2 is better then week 1 of quitting
You won't get one that tastes like a real cig, the closest are the tobacco juices from oksmokey.
I got the paddy puff starter set for 10.99 and. Then bought the liquid for 3.5 (tobacco flavour) and I just top up my cartridges I think it's brilliant great for when ur out or when u think ur gonna cave just use it . I have since ordered about ten for all the locals in my local pub lol

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what about this? still thinking of getting one, dunno which is best, want a no hassle one lol/
You'll get better than that for the same or even less if you look around.
This has had good reviews, could be worth buying to see if you like it
SD Keyring
ECR69 gets you 12.5% discount
We use them, we're on the e-lites. Easy to get a hold of in a lot of newsagents round here and canny priced.
i've got a VIP e-cig and it has really helped me after numerous quit attempts and relapses, it helps with the cravings and i would never go back to real ciggies
A decent kit will work out better and cheaper in the long run than the ciggy lookalikes. Once you have a couple of decent batteries and a atomiser/clearomiser/cartomiser, or tank system, together with a juice you like, depending what and where you buy your juice it's very cheap. If you read the the 2 main uk forums there's plenty of advice/reviews/vendor offers.....as an orange coloured bloke once said on telly....it's cheap as chips.
Hi, I have been off ciggies (analogues) for 6 weeks now and have been using electronic cigarettes since then. I was a two pack a day girl too. At the beginning I was messing having real cigs and using the vaper but now Im on it full time I would never go back because I much prefer it for lots of reasons

It's cleaner - no mucky ashtrays and no fag ash and nicotine fog in my car
It doesnt smell horrid like fags - so consequently neither does my house or car
It is much cheaper as I was spending a fortune every week on cigarettes - more than £3.5k year :cool:
I have stopped coughing and my lungs dont hurt now
I can use it most anywhere .. even in hotel rooms! No more running outside in the rain!
No poisons either ... just the nicotine
No last minute borderline panic attack when I'm nearly out of fags to go to the shops and restock up on ciggies - yes, driving out to the garage at 5 am in the morning
My non smoking, cigarette hating husband is off my case!
Also, the e fag is kind of cool!

Much better all around. If you are thinking of switching I would recommend that you definately try it. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it and you have to find the right kit and flavour for you but once I did I never looked back.

Ill never buy another packet of cigarettes. Ever! :D xx
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I used the e cig last year it hurt my throat but I carried on, lasted a couple of months with it but returned to normal cigs as for me it was a substitute and I considered myself still a smoker. Quit cold turkey in November, had one night off in jan but nothing since.
i use VIP e cigarettes and i haven't had a ciggy since december 2012, prior to that i'd had one or two cigs in 12 months, whilst using the e cigs so im sticking wtih the e cigs now, i find them very useful as a substitute and whilst im obviously still addicted to nicotine i'd sooner have it that way than smoke real ciggies with all the nasties in them
I quit 10 weeks ago today using an e cig. Got the £20 one from tescos and then buy the 3 pack of cartridges for £7. I used the e cig for 6 weeks then felt strong enough to go without :) x
I find the e cigarettes great. The biggest motivation though, is the reason you quit in the first place. My mum died recently and I wondered what gift I could give her, knowing how much she loved me, I thought I'd quit smoking and join slimming world as she would have wanted me to look after myself now she isn't able to. It's the best decision I've made, I haven't smoked now for three months :)