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quorn confusion - i demand a recount!

hey guys,

i was just wondering if anyone knew why the quorn chicken pieces were allowed on ss+ and not the burgers,

having been an avid dieter for many many years i know the calorific/fat/carb content of veggie food things and checked the quorn website for details - 200g (allowance on ss+) of quorn chicken pieces contains a hella lot more of everything than 2 burgers...

100g chicken pieces =
5.8g carb
2.6g fat
14g protein

x that by two! thats 11.6 of carb.

1 burger =
3.4g carb
2.40g fat
9.5g protein

and dont even get me started with the mince and the sausages!:p

i think i will stick to the allowance of fish which is a lot lower in carbs, calories and fat for just now..but then come to think of it why are prawns not allowed?!

im in a very questioning mood today:confused:
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miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
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Hi, do they contain onion? I had quorn sausages and they had onions hidden in them and they threw me out of ketosis!:sigh: It's perhaps what they contain rather than the nutritional values x


Gone fishing
I believe this might have something to do with it :D

Ingredients for quorn mince
Mycoprotein (88%), rehydrated free range egg white, roasted barley malt extract.

Ingredients for burgers

Mycoprotein (33%), water, onion, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat starch), hydrated textured vegetable protein (wheat gluten, water, pea protein, potato starch, malt flour, palm oil, maltodextrin, milk protein), flavouring, dried egg white, rapeseed oil, tapioca starch, roasted barley malt extract.

Besides...calories have nothing to do with it. SS+ has the aim of being approx 200 more cals, so you would need 3 burgers anyway.


Gone fishing
Quorn cumberland sausages have
Mycoprotein (34%), rehydrated free range egg white, water, onion, rapeseed oil, flavourings (with colours: iron oxides), milk proteins, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat starch), sage & onion stuffing (breadcrumb, rusk, dried onion, hydrogenated rapeseed & sunflower oils, salt, herbs, onion powder, chives, wheat flour, pepper extract, sage extract), tapioca starch, gelling agent: pectin; black pepper, thyme, parsley.

Can you can tell I've been through this one before with others :D

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
Quorn mince is just like normal mince but darker in colour and quorn pieces are like chicken chunks. Tastes better than it sounds. Hope this helps:)
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I had quorn for the first time in my life yesterday... I can image it would be nice in a bun or sandwich or with ketchup... but just on it own with a dollop of cabbage? The texture was a bit bleugh for me!


wants a pony
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Make sure you cook it for the right length of time or i have found it gives me tummy ache with a bloated belly looking like i have a little quorn baby in there!


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I love quorn as I am a veggie. However, on its own even i admit its a bit bland. Quorn tends to take on the flavour of whatever you cook it with so add some allowable herbs and spices to make it more exciting.


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I've eaten Quorn for years being veggie, it defo needs spicing up but it's still delicious and your'e not eating an animal :deadhorse:


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behave you lot!!

I find 200g of quorn is alot though! I weigh it out as 4 fillets, or nearly 3/4 of a bag of pieces!


Doing Slimming World
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I have the chicken pieces but they are so bland...I put garlic pepper on them once cooked which makes it lots better.
PS: I know garlic salt is a no-no but the garlic pepper is yum.

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