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RachieB's Diary


A thin person in disguise
Good morning/afternoon all....

Well I thought I would post my daily diary on here because I feel so isolated (and I only missed this forum for one day!!!) Anyway, this is day 4 and I felt like something had driven over me in the night. I think this is to do with the transition into ketosis, which, I am happy to report, I am whoop whoop:D

I tried my first mim last night...yuck!! I think I made it wrong as you guys swear by them. I left out the butter (ran and couldn't be bothered to walk to the shop last night :eek: Sorry tis true!!) Does the butter make any difference, apart from it being a bit more moist?

So today I tried again with a mim and sugar free jelly and cream for brekkie; I could face meat this morning just somat light. (6g)

L - Matterson's sausage mushroom and cheese omelette (2g)

D - Pork and 2 cups of veggies (5g)

s - probably s/f jelly and cream (2g)

please could you help me with my carb count. My aim is between 10 - 20gs of carbs a day - avid follower of Gary Taubes)

Many thanks xx
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This is for life
Hi Rachie, good plan on the diary.

Ref Mims - I've found I like some flaxmeal better than others (eg golden is lighter/less strong flavoured). DH hates the mims as "too eggy" so we make flax bread with yeast - rather yummy. Also I rather like flax crackers - really yummy with cheese.

Suggest some experimenting required :D
If your mim is a bit eggy, I suggest cutting it into slices and toasting/grilling it. Sometimes mine are eggy, sometimes not but toasting makes a big difference. Mims aren't exactly like bread and might be an acquired taste - which brand of flax are you using?


A thin person in disguise
Hey guys, I am using the flaxmeal from H&B. I have also got golden flaxseed which I shall grind next week (away this weekend yikes!!) I tried them again this morning and yes I found I preferred them without the cinnamon and toasted. i even tried a chocolate one with a teaspoon of cocoa. I micro'd it in a muffin case and it was fabulous!!!!

My veggies are Brussels sprouts, brocoli and cauliflower. I don't have carrots or peas or anything that isn't on the list of legal veg.

Day 5 however, is proving to be a different story. Bloated, tired feeling sick and scared of putting weight on. What do you guys do if you are not hungry and you haven't eaten for several hours? I think I need a lie down in a bit to stop me feeling so sick. This has beaten my cravings and emotional eating...man it does actually work!!!!

Thank you for your posts everyone. Today is a weird one...I feel lonely on this thing and OH is getting sick of talking about atkins low carbs, sugar levels and polyols hahahaha xx
that is why we are here.....talk to us about it all! he will forget all that once he sees it working for you, and you get your new you body, he'll love it!


A thin person in disguise
Oh Taz, you have made me smile ;D The poor man has to listen to me battle on LL, then CD and now Atkins as well as me moan that I am eating too much. I have today because I was trying out Mim recipes and eat 2!!! Am I eating to much?

b - 1 plain mim toasted with butter and 1 choc mim
l - 2 cheese strings, 2 egg omelette made with matterssons sausage, mushrooms and 4 thin slices of cheese
d - ???
s - 3 sugar free chocs

w - not enough today (maybe why I feel sick)
a - none
e - none apart from a 1.6 mile walk to Tesco

I am not doing much at the moment as I have been unemployed for 4 weeks and losing the will to do anything, apart from being on here which is fabulous and my lifeline

When counting carbs do you count the carbs in eggs, meat etc? i am using a cheese that says there are trace amounts of carbs in it. How do I count those? Sorry for sounding completely dull but I want to ensure I am getting this right xx


A thin person in disguise
Thanks Spud, I am probably worrying about nothing but I am going to keep going as I love this forum and it is my lifeline.... How are you today? xx


A thin person in disguise
Good morning everyone.....

Well day 5 has arrived which is my weigh in day. Sadly I have put on 1lb!! I think I am dehydrated cos my sick when dark pink this morning so I am going to drink loads over the next few days. Plus I am eating too much because I am eating when not hungry.

I was tempted to go back to CD/LL but then reason kicked me in the head. I have only been doing this for 5 days!! I am in ketosis but I need to watch my intake. As a compulsive eater I will have to modify the diet to ensure that I keep an eye on my calorie intake and obey my hunger.

Is anyone else like this or experienced the same as I have?

Hope you all have a fab weekend


This is for life
Morning Rachie :D

Glad to hear you are sticking with us. Agree you should up your water and listen to yourself. I have been trying really hard to listen - i am starting to learn the difference between hungry/chewy because im bored vs real hunger. My best trick is when think im hungry have a large glass of water. That stops me long enough to decide if really hungry. As my DD says "my mouth is boring" - useful to distinguish

Hang in there - you can do it :)
Morning Rachie
Well done for starting a diary - I'm finding it really helpful to do one and don't worry about boring the old man with it, I'm doing exactly the same! My husband is definitely bored of my low carb ramblings but so what? I get bored when he talks about guitars! ;):D

Sorry you've been feeling a bit crap - just to reassure you, I had a similar experience when I started doing this diet earlier in the year. Water makes a big difference and you'll soon be feeling great I promise! Also, when struggling to eat I found that just having a little something to eat helped to shift that sicky feeling and I'd be fine for the rest of the day. It's a bit like morning sickness for most people. Maybe try to eat something small (babybel cheese?) before you even get up? It might help.
Anyway, lots of love to you and stick with it! ;)
Good morning Rachie,
I found it extremely hard at first too, I would have a biscuit or two every time I had a drink!
It's still hard now, but when you see it working, you will definitely know it's worth it! Keep up the good work...
Quick question Rachie: did you start atkins right after coming off CD or another diet? The reason people sometimes get big losses the first week is because they've been eating lots of carb heavy food and their body has flushed out the water that they've been storing. If you were on another diet your water stores would probably already be low, and it would be normal to gain a little just while your body adjusts to the change. I bet you have a good loss next week.

Re: the mims. I would try and only have one a day. They're good for you and keep you regular, but one every 2 or 3 days would do for that. But they're really concentrated in fibre and if you eat too much of that when you're body's not used to it it will be what was causing the bloating and iccky feelings I bet. 2 in a day might just be a bit much for your system.


A thin person in disguise
Hi guys. Thank you for your responses. I did home off LL then ate normally for about a week then onto Atkins. I think that I need to exercise a little and hit the water. Also I think 1 mim every other day will help me better.

I was disappointed with the gain this morning but u don't feel bloated today and I am cutting back on the caffeine slowly so u don't get withdrawals. Small meals but often will be better. There are do many things to think about yikes i have brain ache!!!!!

If the above is wrong and not true Atkins or I am doing this wrong pls can u help me. There is a skinny person fighting to get out hahahahaha!!!! ;) xx
Since you came more or less straight from LL Rachie you will see that initial gain. Last time I moved over to Atkins after Exante I got the gain and ended up scuttling back to it. After a week back on total food replacement I decided to come back again and avoid the scales for a while. I weighed on Friday and have actually started losing again. Only 0.4lbs this week but its definitely a start.


A thin person in disguise
Hi Joanne. Yes I think you are right but sadly last night I had a Chinese. I picked meat dishes without sauces but this morning I tested my urine and it has chucked me out of ketosis. I am just fed up today and have kept to low carbs. How r u today? Xx


A thin person in disguise
Right well I am tired fed up and I feel this ain't working for me. I am going to persevere but today and only for today I am feeling low miserable and annoyed for being kicked out of ketosis even tho I tried to select carefully. Hmmmmm............ ;(


This is for life
Hi Rachie, that must be annoying. Hope you are feeling better this evening


A thin person in disguise
Hey Kat1e

I am annoyed but look forward to getting back into ketosis. Lesson learned with the Chinese yikes!!! Feel knackered due too many carbs I am hoping it won't take me too long to get back into the zone.

How r u doing? Xx

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