Rachiie and herself all alone :(


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So I decided not to go to that meal tonight, I dont feel strong enough and dont want to ruin my first day, because once ive ruined it it will be like a snowball going down a big fat moutain!!
So im here on my own, took my boyfriend and told him to just say ive got a sore tummy (work at a nursery and all the kids have been ill so kinda could happen lol)
Really im feeling ok, my head a little fuzzy, not sore just feels like its being squeezed a little lol :rolleyes: and tummy keeps speaking to me! really wish it would shut up lmao!!
But ive drank about 4 litres today, and had my four packs, must say though I couldnt stomach the caramel shake seriously had to throw it down the sink! Veg soup is rather yummy and I love the vanilla shake!
Sorry im rambling :eek:
Hope everyones ok and having a good night :)
:queen:Rachiie -ox- :sign0168:
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Aww Rachiie, sorry you felt you had to miss your night out, but good for you for being able to not go and put yourself and your health ahead of one night, that's a great positive start to your journey!

Intersting, the caramel shake is the 1 flavour my LLC has never had, but I guess no-one in my group asks for it so he never orders any.
Oh well, might be better off not having tried it anyway from the sounds of things!

Treat yourself to a nice bath, wrap up warm with a duvet, watch a good flick and have an early night :D

Have a great second day!


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Probably a wise move and there will be lots more occasions to go to over the year once you're where you want to be and it's not an issue any more. Going for a meal day 1 and watching everyone else eat is being rather cruel to yourself! You can have an early night and get day 1 over with and move onto day 2. Good luck!

I didn't like the caramel either. I love the vanilla one and the banana one and alternate those for my breakfast.

Janey B

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I put a tsp of coffee in my caramel shake & really like it!
Janey x

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Yes. You can.
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I put a tsp of coffee in my caramel shake & really like it!
Janey x

First of all, well done Rach - a very wise move. As said. Good on ya - that shows goood determination!

Janey - used to mix my shakes with 400ml filtered coffee. :) Yumm.


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Well done TD

For finding youur own way of dealng with it.
First challenge = met and dealt with.


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Thanks everyone it means alot to see people care :) day 2 over now and feeling so positive :D
Rachiie -ox-


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You did the right thing, Rachiie, we've all been there and the fact you made sure you couldn't be in a position to lapse, and to look after YOU first.

Well done xxx