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Rainbow~666 Double Diary

Ok so today 13/06/08 is my first day on Lipotrim.
I went to bed early last night to give myself the best possible start today. I woke up well enough for me(im a grouch who LOVES their bed) and headed for a morning bath, popping into the kitchen for a pint of water to get me started. During the lovely bath i hear and feel belly rumblings(grrrrr body is already trying to thwart my attempt lol). So now the time has come to get the first delicious medicine meal of the day. I go for strawberry as having chocolate first thing is too much for me and i fancy having savoury for dinner. I use a bowl and hand whisk (im old school me!!) but after its still lumpy i rake about the cuboard and find my electic whisky thing and give it a buzz till it froths. Baby satan is asking for his milkshake now so i make him a little nesquick one light on the quick heavy on the milk and we sip them in the living room. Pack my two pints of water and head for work. which leads me to now. Im another pint down, having a tea and only been to the loo once. whoop whoop. Roll on day one.

Note* I think im having imaginary lightheadedness and no hunger pangs as yet but its only 11.12am

So i took an extra long way back home in the car so i wouldnt be tempted to have my shake 'early' and i managed to stave off eating it untill 1415 (yay me) I had half a pack of vanilla shake cold and whisked. It was not great but hey ho life is hard and i will deal with it. kept supping the water and reading good post on here to keep me busy and messing about with my son. Then had a peppermint tea (and sweetner) as i felt hungry. I made one before but 4 sweetners dropped in and i got scared it would affect my diet so poured it in sink and made a new one. The hot drinks seem to help really well with filling me up. Then more sups of water. It wasnt so hard giving spawn his choccie biscuit although i did have a look at what was on offer.

Finally at 1700 after thinking about eating for an hour i made my other halk pack vanilla but made it into a latte and had it nice and hot. Very nice.

The test will be tonight after my soup. I plan to hold out till 2000hrs (i hope) and then after that i will have too keep the hot drinks coming.

:wave_cry: till 8pm adios
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Right to the 'point'
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
*looks about* no one posted yet?!

Ok I will.

Look forward to reading how yous get on. The

*warning may get cheeky, rude and of course emotional*

bit is what I'm waiting for :D

Oh it would be another scotsman! Cheers for lookin in puggso.

now for another entry.

I felt really empty at 6pm only an hour after my half shake so i jumped in the car and did the coastal route up to North Berwick and back and an extra bit so it took me an hour to get back. Phew time for a HOT bath i think and hey it worked another hour down and i managed to 8pm for my soup (which i loved!!) It was so nice to have the savoury im bit huffed now i only have two more to last me the week. Any how its been a whole 20 mins since my soup and im burping like a pig which i seem to do when hungry. So off for another peppermint tea. At least Day 1 is almost over-- but not yet;)
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Right to the 'point'
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)

Now its 2214 and im feeling ok, i was not so fantastic earlier about 2100 i just proper hungry.But i never went near food, not even looking in the cuboard( mostly due to removing nice things last week lol)
So this is a milestone for me, also i am kind of enjoying the feeling of not being in pain from stuffing myself with food i would literally eat till it hurt. It was like i didnt have a full feeling sensor and i would binge and binge first sweet then to counter act that i would have savoury say i would eat a cake, then i would have crisps and a sandwich then some fizzy pop and maybe pick at some nuts and have a peach- remember this is after a full plate main meal and most likely a pudding aswell. So i feel almost liberated by the feeling of 'hunger' Kind of a detachment . Its not real.

Im sort of happy.
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rainbow brite

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Day 1

Well I really wanted my first entry to be a positive one but hey ho kids, we don't always get what we want now, do we? :eek:

Yesterday started well. Actually let's rephrase that... yesterday started. I had my first shake at around 11am or so (I can't actually remember, I've slept since then) and whilst it wasn't exactly making my tongue wibble with yumminess it also didn't quite make me want to be sick on myself so I regarded this as a plus.

Managed to get through several hours until I finally made my soup. Ripping off the top of the packet I gave the contents a tentative sniff and didn't recoil in horror - in fact I thought it smelled much like the powder in a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle. Unfortunately for me that's where the similarities ended. I used the smoothie-maker to mix it up and when it came out it was all frothy. I don't do frothy. :mad: After waiting for about ten minutes for some of the frothiness to dissipate I was left disappointed and had to resort to spooning the froth off the top. Finally satisfied that I had successfully de-frothed my lunch I lifted a spoonful to my mouth and sipped the tiniest amount. The face I must have pulled! Not pleasant. Not for me at any rate.

Anyway, this is all very good and stuff but I suppose I'd better get to the juicy part. After developing a headache (probably due to having neighbours from hell) I fell asleep on the sofa. So far so good, I can't get mad at myself for sleeping. What I can
get mad at myself for, however, is waking up, forgetting about LT and making cereal. It took several long minutes to even realise what on earth it was that I was doing!

So there we have it. My first day on Lipotrim and I screwed it
up. Needless to say I was horrendously angry at myself and was in a strop for the rest of the evening.

However ladies and gentlemen, today is not yesterday is it? Today is a new day fresh out of the packet and it shall be a better one than the last.

After this I'm going to toddle off and whisk up a choccie shake - here's hoping for no gagging! :cool:

~Gem x
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at 1600 im HUNGRY:sigh:

Woke up this morning about 1030 tummy feeling very empty boo hoo for me eh. So got up and had some water felt much better and lasted until 12 - well actually i didnt feel hungry for my mint chocolate shake but i glugge dit down as i had to get to my dads house sharpish. Then headed to the Gala day. wow big mistake. yummy burgers, sticky lollies galore. My friend munch a giant hot dog and i got my little boy some candy floss :( no point others missing out coz i am :cry:.
Back home now and having peppermint tea. Feeling proper hungry aswell. Gonna have to head back to my parents for dinner soon. hmmmm will not be enjoying what ever delight they are having another boo hoo for me.

Told my sister i am on lipotrim. she was asking if i had decided to do lighterlife or lipotrim or neither so i felt i should say i was already on day 2. she was pleased for me and was asking question. she needs to lose a chunk of weight too so i think im the guinea pig before she starts LP.:confused:

Been feeling light headed aswell this afternoon but i havent had as much watyer as yesterday. so will try to get some more down my neck ater this hunger busting peppermint tea.

19.50- just finished my soup. Ahhh i love having my savoury nice and hot. been really hungry since my first shake, glad i have another one still to go tonight. Today has been slightly harder just for the fact i am realising i cant hide from food and that this is going to be the way i live for quite a while (im anticipating 6 months minimum).

Made satan's spawn egg on toast and ohhh i really wanted it baaad. Just one tiny bite, or maybe a slice of ham or a mini sausage.... i guess doing the first food shop was a little test for me. I passed so far so good.:wow:

So just had my final vanilla shake for the day at 1030/1100. half coffee vanilla hot and half hot vanilla both lovely. Feel hungry though:(. felt like eating load tonigh. lots of meaty things -loves a bit o meat does i
;-) grrrr. hope tomorrow is easier.

does willing ketosis work?

Hello ketosis can you come curb my hunger im farkin starvin!!!:sigh:

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Day 2

To be honest there is hardly anything I can tell you about today. Yesterday I was still suffering from that demon headache and it got so bad that I eventually trotted myself off to bed and ended up staying there all day.

So in conclusion, yesterday I didn't have any LT because I didn't have anything at all.

*le sigh*

At this rate I'm still going to be moose whilst everyone else is going to have achieved that tween dream of 'size 00' lol.

Still, I'm already on the water today, trying to wait until I really have to have my first shake and then will continue to fill up on water and peppermint tea. Joy.

~Gem x
Today started well and i had my shake about 1300 and wasnt really fussy for it but got it down my neck anyway. TOday is the big family mean, a relative from Canada is here so we had 12 of us round a dinner table eating and supping wine, well 10 us them anyway not me and not satans spawn lol. Its tuff really tuff and everyone noticed i was having soup instead of pork chops and the trimmings. So hence on my announcment of a diet a huge discussion on fat people and diets etc etc etc ensues. pffft family eh!!

Oh yeah i peed on a stick and it tell me im in ketosis so woo hooo for me. I did get a headache and can still feel it now at 2220 but im sure more water and sleep will cure it. Had my last shake at about 9pm and i was really wanting it for some reason. Been feeling really tempted all day, Kept thinking just a little bit chop . What i really wanted was the potatoe mmmmm gawd its making me hungry!!:mad:
DAY 4 (in the big fat house)

Was freezing in bedlast night really cold, so im hoping that another sure sign of ketosis. If not i better get my heating on pronto! Woke up this morning feeling queasy and couldnt really face water or the shake. But sipped the vile vanilla one ont he way to nursery. And have managed to get almost 1 L of water since i got to work. DOnt feel majorly hungery but kep thinking about food, latest thing is Greggs egg mayo baguettes, i mean i would settle for a hard mouldy end of bread right now but hey ho. time for first pee break of the day 1105am


Its lateish, 2300hrs to be exact. Having my last half vanilla pack, hot with sweetner.

Not felt hungry since my last pack today at 1300. Just bored, reallybored, which led to me wandering into the kitchen examining how much carbs each food had in it:confused:

Was hard to get that lunchtime chocolate shake down, really minging!! (like my not furry and stinky tongue and breath).
Glad i only have one more choclate one left, still got horrid vanillas about 4 GRRR and no more soups:(.

Oh yeah i may have eaten some smoked salmon and mushroom- and i dont even feel guilty!!! (i wanted it so i had it!!)

However i realise that this is a bad point and i need to adress it. I mean Feck what if i ruin the last few days hard work!! Thursday weigh in will tell, only 3 sleeps till W day:eek:

I was not in apositive mood, and kept thinking of ways to inadvertintly sabotage taking the packs.

Had a dream about eating a whole pizza!!, struggled eating the packs today. all in all not a good day. Felt quite down once the afternoon and evening set in.
DAY 6 0936
Well its supposed to be weigh in day tomorrow but i might be taking a friend to the pharmacy today, so it might be a day early.. Got up late this morning and made sure i drank my strawberry shake before work and im sipping soda water.....probably not allowed :-(
Not in the best of moods today but maybe i will come out of it after work.

eyes have been terrible lately. Might hae to go get tested again.
Day 6

So day 6 went ok, had only a half pack at lunch as i ruined the first half by mistake. and then a chocoshake for dinner about 2100, not too shabby. Trouble sleeping at night due to the marathon three hour snooze i had mid afternoon- woke up so dehydrated.
DAY 7 (first weigh in day)

Had my shake (choc0late and im coming round to them). And glugged half a litre of water before heading for work. Im here now and have another half litre to keep me going. Lips are dry today ! Must buy some vasaline pronto.

Will be taking along a women i met at LL meeting as she wants to try lipotrim too. I hope she gets accepted, her health is severly governed by her weight and it make such a difference to her to gt rid of the pounds. Hey ho back to the boards.



Right to the 'point'
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
Good luck with the WI :)

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