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Rainbow is leaving SW again! x

Well on the advice from two of my good friends (Taz and Lou) and the promise that at least one person will read it I'm starting my own diary. It wont include anything even remotely interesting I would imagine, however, it can be an outlet for my moans, winges and sharing of success (hopefully)

I know it will come as no surprise to the people who know me that I'm having a red day today, and after the weekend I have had I'm going to try and cut right back on the syns until Thursday. Don't wanna let my team mates down now do I!?

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Yeah, and it will be easier for me to keep my beady on you! LOL
Not that you've needed any help in that department yet! You've sought me out week after week! he he. Not that Ive let you down yet have I?

Just been to my mum and dads for tea - a SW one of course, it was yummy (and red of course) I'm full to brimming, but still want to eat.........greed I know - so have had a can of diet coke, now just need a wee and STILL want to eat. Have got some salmon fillets in the fridge, so could have them later (but don't want them too late cos don't like eat too late on!)

I'm liking this diary lark, I can waffle on to my hearts content without worrying that Im clogging up, or going on and on, but hey on here no one can complain bout me cos its got my name in the title!! XXX


Reached Target. woohoo
I'm reading it too. Go for it. xxx Loobylou
it is with me really, or sweets, but am trying to convince myself I dont need them and so far Im doin OK! X
I always keep low sugar jelly pots in store as they are only 1/2 a Syn
I hate jelly with a passion, I cant stand the texture of it in my mouth - yak! But thanks anyway! x
Yay - you joined the cool crew!!

I've had a red day today and I'm amazed by how much fuller I stay from my meals, I'm going to try and do more!
I had a green day yesterday - not planning on having one again anytime soon, didnt love it thats for sure! Dont even think it agreed with me - Im still sticking to my moto of 'Red all the way' xxx

Oh and seeing as this is my thread I'll share the fact with you lovelies that Im going to watch moto gp at donnington park!! Im actually quite excited bout it! xxx
With hindsight being a wonderful thing I should have put this entry at the beginning of this thread, but here will do fine! I'm going to introduce myself so that people reading this (in their droves) will have a whole picture!

Im Vicky, 24 from East Yorkshire (Blind date bit over with) I live with my boyfriend, I work as an infant school teacher and I'm fat - harsh but true, and if Id acknowledged it before now I wouldn't be battling with so much to lose. I started this diet just over 4 months ago weighing just over 18 stones, and am almost in the 14 stones - yippee doo dah! Im following the slimming world plan - red days all the way.

Im reading! good luck with the weightloss

Ruthy xxxx;)

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Well that was straight and to the point, and no you have'nt let me or yourself down once, a few of the girls were in the chat room earlier but my mouse batteries are on the blink, so I am going to bed night night x
I'll be reading your diary, I love reading other peoples diaries, makes me realise I'm not mad cause we're all going through the same things x
Night Nanny! Me and the OH half are watching Street Wars and Britains Toughest Pubs later on - its the highlight of our Monday evenings and one of the very very few things we watch together! But he's just taken the dog out so Im sneaking a few minutes in on here! 'See ya tomorrow' xxx

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