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Rambley thoughts and fears...

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I haven't started the diet yet so look away if this p**ses you off!!!

I have done LT before so I know how hard it is. Truly -considering I have yet to get more than a stone off me trust me -I kow its hard. Now I'm planning to start again on the 8th Sept because me and OH are going to Paris on wednesday (YAY!!) and so..well... you know! I feel so excited this time at the thopughts of it and for some reason I have absolutely no doubt that I'll do it this time. This makes me worry in case I'm being too naive -or that its like childbirth...you forget the horror and do it again. So then I think -well then maybe, like childbirth, it's so hard but it is so worth the effort.

Happiness and health are my main motivators. But...I'm ashamed to say that spite is also playing a big role in my determination to lose this bloody fat. I have friends who have told me for years when I've cried about my weight, who have sabotaged my diets kindly and unkindly and have weakly told me that I should feel beautiful no matter what my size. These same friends are now finding issue with their own bodies and expecting me to provide comfort and support while they at perfectly normal and healthy weights complain that they are 'fat' and 'cellulitey' and 'old looking' at 4 and 6 stone lighter than me -but I'm 'beautiful'!!!! So my question is -to my 'friends' has it been ok for me to be fat and unhappy because they didn't see how these things affected them? Now I'm remembering all the times I pleaded for help and understanding while I embarked on another diet. The times they repeatedly let me down when we'd agreed to go walking or start an exercise class. The times they couldn't accept that I didn't want to drink on nights out because I was trying to lose weight.

So now I'm thinking, as I was before these lovely lady friends of mine started complaining, good old lipotirm and I'm not telling ANYONE I know (OH and minimins excluded of course ;)) because I'm not willing to put up with the sh*t and pressure from ppl who just dont seem to want you to get happy!

Yes I accpet my part in this -I could have and should have stood my ground but come on!! We all know what its like -especially when we are particularly hungry and weak and the advice to 'just a eat a little' is 'well meant'.

So now -my plan is to lose ALL my excess weight -get me some skinny and foxy clothes and acquaint myself with the feeling of being the skinny and sexy one on a night out with my FRIENDS!!!

I apologise 4 the rant.:eek: I prob should have blogged this.

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Rant on I had one last night best of luck with LT and your right keep it to yourself for a while and when the weight sstarts falling off you the smile will be on your face not theirs so welcome on board and here is to great loses for you.
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
aww -Thanks so much. Bring it on eh? lol


Says it as it is!!!
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hehehe put em to shame hunni!!!
Be positive and LT will be a breeze xx

rainbow brite

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Great post honey!! It's fantastic that you're feeling so positive about starting LT and that positivity will prove invaluable when you're at your weakest. You'll do brilliantly hun and put all of those whinging mates of yours to shame! Roll on feeling foxy and fabulous!! x
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
LOL -Prexactly! And all my true and lovely ladies on minimins will be the first to know how I'm doing! Aren't you lucky?! lmao


Always welcome new m8's!

'nuf said
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well done for getting it out of your system enjoy Paris when you come back you'll be focuse and we are all here to support you all the way.XXX
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You enjoy your rant! We all need to get stuff out of our system and we sympathise with you. I don't blame you for not telling your friends. They may be jealous of your weight loss and be more determined to make you break your diet, or sabotage it in other ways. I have only told my children, OH, sister (coz I was staying with her and couldn't hide it) and a few select friends that I am on LT. Already I've had comments from other friends about not going too far and then I was still obese!!!!!

This diet is hard enough without negative comments from other people and I find it easier to stick to by being vague about how I've lost my weight (just say it's a diet my GP gave me - true coz she recommended it!)

I love your determination and I know this time you will succeed - Christmas in a LBD next to your moaning minnie friends - you will look absolutely stunning!

Have a fab time in Paris.



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Can a women really say this much...lol....good post..
All the best for your trip and im sure your looking forward to starting LT..
Good luck hun, l think to do lipotrim well you have to be selfish about it and have it as a major priority in your life for the short..ish time your on it. If its easier to do that without people knowing then that is the best thing for you to do.

Also to be fair to your friends I think it is a waste of time trying to get support from people who have no idea just how desperate and low the weight makes you feel. That's where this forum comes in cos we do know, we r doing it/done it and there is always someone on hand to offer support/kick as appropriate.

I don't want to sound mean about your friends but if they really are important to you then you should be prepared for possible jealousy from them when you do succeed, and further sabotage. Fore warned is fore armed. This forum is littered with discarded so called friends, as people seem to find out who their friends are when going through this journey.

Hope this doesn't seem negative, they could come up good for you, and I hope they do, but whatever happens stick to lipotrim and you really will achieve your dreams x

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