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Ramblings of a demented dieter

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Ok Ive tried typing this post several times now changing my mind about what to say, what tone to set etc etc and just when I thought I nailed it, I tried to preview it and the forum had logged me out and eaten my painstakingly crafted prose.

Im now typing this in word and will rely on good ole copy n paste and slang for any and all future ramblings……..

I first found LL in Jan 08 and signed up for the programme, I managed to last a week!!

Although I knew about possible woozy feelings in the first couple of days, I didn’t experience these, what I did experience what vomiting, diahorreah, headaches and sweats from day 3 through to day 6 when I decided to throw the towel in. I cant be sure that this was all LL side effects or if I just happened to get a bug over the same period. What I do know is that I seized upon this as an excuse to quit, and if Im honest that’s what it was because I was beginning to feel a little better and was probably over the worst of it.

Over the last 12 months Ive managed to lose 2.5 St and regain 2.5 St. Now if you’re like my LLC I got half way through that sentence and she was cheering but by the time I got to the end of the sentence she was scolding me. I managed to lose the weight by joining CURVES and following their 6 Week Solution plan, I managed to regain the weight by not going to CURVES, living in a hotel for 3 months and not watching what I was eating.

So here I am back again this time determined to stick to the LL diet. I feel that Im mentally much better prepared than I was on my initial attempt, and I slowly learning to ramble on about my ups, downs and complete freak outs. I think Im going to find the process of spilling my guts (not literally:9529:) very cathartic feel free to jump in and point out when Im being silly, boring, cynical or just plain ole annoying. Im sure I'll cover all of those moods in the weeks to come :8855:

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Guess who's back...?
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TOTI - brilliant post! Sorry you struggled writing it to start with though - I used to get logged out - and now I am permanently logged in! Far easier!!

You seem to be in a great place, mentally - and I am sure you will do brilliantly on LL. Make sure you give it AT LEAST 2-3 weeks even if you feel rotten, simply because 99% of the time the bad feelings are all to do with carb withdrawal and this DOES stop and you will feel on top of the world... the weight dropping off and the ridiculous confidence appearing.

Well done on your losses with Curves - so what, you put the weight back on... at least you know why and can acknowledge that. I like Curves. I was a member of my local one for a while - didn't follow a programme, just went down a few times a week... was really good. It's since shut down, which is gutting - as the exercise would be a perfect compliment to LL (although I'd probs not manage a full 3 circuits, not enough fuel!)

Good luck with your journey - can't wait to see how you do! :D

A xx
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So Im getting a little twitchy about doing LL now and I think it’s the waiting that’s getting to me. Im not normally a patient person anyway but when its something I really want I can be an absolute brat if made to wait. Strangely though I don’t ever have burning desire to peek at my xmas presents ahead of time like the rest of my family, it must be the one time of the year where I think the anticipation is better than the actual receiving Lol. Anticipation of food packs is not better than seeing the weight disappear!

I have tried to prepare myself ahead of time. I have tooth brush, tooth paste, mouthwash, marigold bouillon, Mint tea, white tea, green tea and decaff coffee supplies and glass water bottles at both work and home, I’ve been getting some odd looks at work as my drink collection keeps getting ever more varied. As I mentioned on the Jan starters thread I’ve also ordered a Kenwood Hot/Cold frothy mixer for both work and home as I do remember some of the packets being a bit powdery/lumpy. I have a hand blender but just don’t like using it, it always seems to smell as thought the motor is going to burn out any second even though in terms of usage its relatively new.

I use shopping as a distraction from boredom along with eating so in preparation for LL and the distraction of food being removed I have cleared my credit cards and put them in the freeze to stop any out of control spending. This really will be cold turkey for me. I may actually get copious amounts of work done in the next few months.

I pondered getting a set of WW body fat scales but decided against it as for now I have decided not to bother weighing myself at home. I have restarted going to curves and will be building up my exercise gradually while in abstinence. The centre I use now has the CurvesSmart machines and as of today I will be using those which should give me a good indicator for how my body is changing whilst on my LL journey. I have a weigh and measure booked with Curves today and will have monthly measurements taken there. Whilst I have a weight and BMI in mind for my end goal I will take into account my body shape and things as well.

I really need to get this journey started now! I have been reading blogs all over the web for the last couple of days and the success stories are really inspirational. I can only hope that I will manage to do as well.
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I am sure you will do as well and as long as you can stay focused and attend your meetings I am sure you will do fantastic! Good luck xx
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Hehe I dont think I get my moneys worth from Curves membership anyway, as Im not fanatic about going, I just like knowign I have the option if and when I want to.

Im not mormally the least bit organised but preparing is taking my mind of the little worry beads, I could be bankrupt by Thursday at this rate.
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Good luck TOTI, you sound in a good place for this mentally.

Ride through the tough physical times in the first week - it gets better - honest :D

Instead of spending, come on here and spill ya guts. I do that most days. I find it helps a great deal. In fact I ramble so much people probably just switch off :8855: Remember though that it's for you and you can look back and see the changes (you forget so easily).

Not long till you start, so keep trucking and soon you'll be well into it :D


nearly there!! :)
firstly welcome :)
secondly, yup u ARE very organised lol!! i agree though, give it at least 2 - 3 weeks...by then u wont want to give up!!

good luck hunni xxx
Good luck TOTI

Say what you feel on this forum. It's your safe place and you can say what you feel.We are all at different stages of a similar journey.
And Westie - we don't switch off.
We are all here to share and learn and just sometimes spill our hearts out.
Hope it's going well.
Good luck to all the people starting out.


Silver Member
TOTI - Looking forward to making the journey with you.

I'm not brave enough to write a blog, but I've just had an idea reading your post) that I might write a hard copy blog to read through when I'm having a bad day.

Just keep hold of that credit card, and when you've lost a little weight, you can give yourself an excuse to go and spend!

Louale x
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Today is my last day of eating for a while and I had no 'last supper' of any kind planned......

I did however have to go out for a meeting today and in the lobby of the building was a Coffee Shop, I have just finished a Grande White Hotchocolate and I savoured every sip, it was beginning to get a bit sickly though towards the end and thats the taste I need to remember in the coming weeks and not the heady delight of the first sip ;)
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Today is my last day of eating for a while and I had no 'last supper' of any kind planned......

I did however have to go out for a meeting today and in the lobby of the building was a Coffee Shop, I have just finished a Grande White Hotchocolate and I savoured every sip, it was beginning to get a bit sickly though towards the end and thats the taste I need to remember in the coming weeks and not the heady delight of the first sip ;)
Sounds yum, you can think of it when you have a vanilla pack with a spoon of coffee, all whipped up and frothy :D

Good luck for tonight :)
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Day One

Well one day down and I survived!

I had Strawberry Gloop for breakfast (Not thick enough to be mousse but too thick to be a shake :D)

Tomato soup for lunch with a dash of tobasco. I actually quite like this which surprised me as I normally hate tomato soup with a passion.

A chicken soup for Dinner which was soso
and then I mixed a thick chocoloate paste and threw it in the freeze for a little bit so it had a bit of a chew to it

All in all none of the packs were horrible, they weren't gourment but they weren't horrible...

I have had numerous thoughts about food and have found myself inventing all sorts of excuses to allow me to eat something but I havent!! And I can recognise the ridiculousness of what Im doing so I suppose thats a good thing

Well 1 day down many more to go :8855:


nearly there!! :)
well done hunni, u have the ball rolling now!! imagine washing up liquid on the food and what it would taste like! and i found if i ever reached for anything, id pour washing up liquid on it cause there is no way id eat that lol!! xxx
S: 15st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yehaw day two done a dusted, had a little wobble but didnt break, so yay me!

Now onto day three and this morning I have metallic mouth which bodes well for being in ketosis, my drop in is tomorrow so will be able to confirm then.

I waivering over whether or not I want to get weighed tomorrow or if I should just go for a big bang approach on Thursday. Im currently edging towards the big bang, I can always guage if the scales are moving in the right direction by jumping on the ones at home
Go for it

Yay you, great that you are doing so well.
My advice would be to go for the drop in and keep off the home scales, but that's just me.
You must do what's best for you.
Good luck either way.
S: 15st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh I'll be going for the drop in I need to get rid of these soups and swap them for shakes, tomorrow I can start trying the bars too which works out nicely as it means I can take a bar into work for lunch and not worry about mixing.
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Don't do the home scales you'll get addicted and they'll start driving you crazy, I get on before bed and first thing in the am (after a wee of course) and I wouldn't reccomend it. It's literally become an obsession for me and it's not good at all, get rid of them if at all possible!

You're doing fab btw :D

Emma xXx

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