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Any Rammstein fans here?

I'm obsessed with them, hehe. Went to see them at Manchester on 2nd Feb and they were amazing! Was in seats facing the stage and could feel the heat from the pyro!

Planning to get a tattoo of the logo on my side/hip when I've finished losing all the weight! Need to design that first to have maybe some tribal around it, not really sure.
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I must confess Im a bit of a rammstein fan, never seen em live though im tempted to go over to sonisphere this year (though it wont be anywhere near as awesome as the bloodstock lineup mainly due to the lack of devin townsend :D) Think their best song has to be Engel though (and i cant help but whistle along!) :)
I'm thinking about going to sonisphere to see Rammstein again, but Bloodstock does have a better lineup. Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Edguy, GWAR and wouldn't mind seeing Korpiklaani either! Wish I could go to both but I can only afford one. It's worth going to sonisphere just to see Rammstein again XD

Engel is awesome live. Till comes out with metal wings on his back that have fire coming out of them. This isn't a great pic but it still shows the awesomeness of the wings! I took it :D Had great seats with a perfect view of the stage.

I think my fave song will always be 'Mein Herz Brennt', but I love all their songs really lol. Got the new album in the car at the mo, don't think that will be changed for a while lol 'Ich Tu Dir Weh' is one of my faves on that album and is really good live.
Blimey them wings are a bit on the big side! hehe looks like you had a cracking view of it all :)

Few of my mates said they're cracking showmen - wish i had enough money to go to both festivals this year (well i say both as in download lineup isnt that great this year, dont know anyone going to hellfest and wacken clashes with other stuff so i cant attend this year) but theres no way im missing out on seeing devin townsend especially when hes rumoured to have ziltoid make an appearence! hehe
Lol download doesn't really interest me even though I like alot of the bands. Sonisphere is the one I like the look of the most. Alot of my friends don't like metal that much so won't be able to get people to go to bloodstock even if I wanted to go lol

I have a feeling more of the sonisphere lineup is going to be announced tomorrow or at least this week. I'm hoping for In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold, but I doubt that A7X will after what happened to The Rev :( They've been recording again so it could be possible I guess but it still won't be the same.
Yeah its sad about the death of the rev, not a huge avenged sevenfold fan(i dont mind their stuff i just really hate the singers voice)he was a mightily good drummer though - not sure if theyll be playing mind. I wouldnt be suprised if Inflames played but my moneys on dragonforce playing there - the worlds most overrated untalented band tend to get in every festival lineup taking away valuable time from decent bands and generally making an amazing lineup turn into a "meh" one hehe
Lol I hope they don't play. Most of their songs sound the same! I don't mind a couple of the songs, but still there are soooo many better power metal bands out there.

Trying to think of who else might play... Wouldn't mind seeing H.I.M as I used to love them years ago, and some of the new stuff is pretty good. Atreyu would be great, I love pretty much all of their songs :D Billy Talent, Mindless Self Indulgence, Dir En Grey, Mushroomhead, Rise Against... Really hope Mushroomhead play now that I've thought about it. That would make it even more worth it and with a new album coming out this summer I wouldn't be suprised if they do play :D
your telling me, really dont see why everyone raves about them so much, ive accidentally seen them a few times (they always end up supporting great bands) each time they sounded horrible playing loads of bum notes and well generally sucking

cor not heard mushroom head in donkeys, didnt know they were still going! hehe


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lol yup, they're definatley still going :p

Sonisphere announcement isn't until midnight :( And Atreyu definatley won't be playing coz theyre at mayhem festival in the US. So is Korn, didn't know they were still around! lol

I nearly went to see Dragonforce with my friends last year I think. Glad I didn't lol Not seen many bands live tbh :( Main ones i've seen are Rammstein, Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold. And the only festival i've been to was Rock in the Castle in Scarborough coz I live in there lol Wasn't a bad festival, had terrorvision, the wildhearts, InMe and can't remember the rest of the bands.
nowt wrong with terrorvision or the wildhearts - oblivion and caffiene bomb are belting songs :D

apparently korn got their heads out their arses and have done some belting shows over the past few years - few of my mates really wouldnt shut up about how good they were lol

I try to get to as many gigs as possible though unfortunately im going to miss fun lovin criminals and edguy this month but on the plus side i do get to go see the hilarity of steel panther :D now if only Kamelot were playing in Leeds rather than london :(


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Terrorvision and the wildhearts were good live. Was nearly at the front for terrorvision but had to get out of there for wildhearts coz I was getting crushed. Should have stayed because the singer smashed a few guitars and threw them into the crowd lol

I was gonna go to see Muse in september but I can't afford it. They would have been good live :( I'd probably go to more gigs if I lived closer to where they happen lol. Costs too much to get there and places to stay.
I used to loooove rammstein, I haven't listened to them in years.. I think I'll have to dig out my cd's now though!


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So who's going to their greatest hits tour?? I'm going to see them at the Birmingham gig. Looks like tickets have been selling out quite quickly!

Hope it isn't their final album/tour :(
Rammstein are amazing artists who put on ahell of a show! sadly, I've yet to see them in person but *confessin time* I'm a gig virgin so I haven't seen anyone! I would kill for rammstein to have my cherry though!
The link doesn't work. Search for rammstein opening Birmingham 2012 and it's a video of the opening and sonne as well. By gizmo897x or something like that lol =) only got the one video because I wanted to enjoy the show.

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Funnily enough, I literally just posted the Rammstein Tshirt I want to get back into in another thread and then saw someone bumped this! So, yeah, bit of a fan here! Me and the Mrs were at teh greatest hits tour in Mac a few months back which was bloody awesome.