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RANT *Fume* Rant


Fairy Princess to Be
Brace yourselves....

Feeling bloody awful, I've had nothing but colds and tummy problems since I've been in London! Was at home at the weekend and out on Saturday night but of course at home time there wasn't a taxi to be found and the bus was late and it was pissing with rain and all I could think was if I'd actually HAD a couple of drinks I probably wouldn't feel the chill! LOL
Then the train back down yesterday was absolutely freezing for the first two hours, they obviously have a policy of not turning the heating on till they've crossed the border or something.
So now I feel vile and have to go all the way out for my weigh-in tonight which, if my scales at home & Boots scales are anything to go by should be a good result but so far it never seems to go that way on my CDC's scales and I just end up depressed - I've probably gained 3lbs in germ-retention.
And all I can think about are those bloody chocolate puddings on the damn M&S adverts that they show EVERY 5 MINUTES EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!!

Would be fibbing if I said I feel better now although definitely a bit better mentally. At least no cakes in the kitchen today, that woulda put me right over the edge.
Thank you for your indulgence.
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please try again
sorry to hear youve had such a rough time there

and will apologise i HAD to laugh about the 3lb gain from germ retention :)

I also laughed at the germ retention remark, sorry

Good luck for tonight, I hope you get a good result which pushes you into Positive mode. And if you need to rant, go for it, this is the place to let off steam, it does help - big hugs
Awww Claire!!!

You really need a huge Hug!!!

Just think those chocolate cakes from M & S are only a mouthful...you will be sooo disappointed!

Good luck with the weigh in...I am sure you will have lost, regardless of the germs on board!! Lol!!

Take care



Fairy Princess to Be
Just back, 3lbs off!!! :party0049:
Very pleased, still a bit grotty medically-speaking but much happier mentally; thanks heaps for the pep-talks and all your words of support.
Bit of a shame about the germ-retention theory though, I could have made my fortune out of that one had it been proven!
wooo, well done chicken!!!


try, try & try some more!
:scale:YAY!! things are looking up!!


please try again
congratulations on the weight loss
youll have to find anotherway to make that fortune! lol

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