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S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
Grr im so annoyed...me and my brothers girlfriend dont particuly get on.
And im getting so sick of her snide comments about me and my journey to been slim :)

Today i got up late and didnt have time to make breakfast so by the time i ate it was 1 o clock and i was starving. i did my self some bacon, tomato and a poached egg..but i was still hungry so i had some strawberries and a muller light. She sits there the whole time tutting and sniggering about she does not know how i'm losing weight because I eat loads etc etc and my weight loss is a fluke. She is comign down the stairs offering chocs to everyone ( in the 5 years iv known her she never offers out her sweets etc) so it just seems like she is doing it on purpose.

I cant bloody win with the women...iv had the been fat comments off her ( because its fab for her been a size 10 and she eats what she wants) and now im trying to do something about it i still get the snide comments off her.

Tbh I think next time she does it..i wont be polite about it.

Not asking anything just a lil rant :)
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Strutting her stuff
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If she really is trying to wind you up then the one thing guaranteed to get on her goat is not to give her a reaction. That's what she is looking for from you.

And remember no-one can make you feel bad unless you let them. Don't give her control over how you are feeling. I was bullied badly at school for a number of reasons including my weight. But all the years afterward when I beat myself up and told myself I was worthless - that's wasn't them, that was me! I let what they did make me feel bad about myself for years after I last saw them and how daft was that!


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Slapping her would feel great at the time, but not as great as showing off your slinky new figure will despite her best efforts to put you down :) x
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Please ignore her, you're no doubt a much more beautiful person that her, inside and out. I detest people like that, if they aint got anything nice to say......shut the mouth!!!! xx
S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
We have never got on really, shes 15 years older then me but she really does not act it.
As bad as it sounds but i do know she is jealous of me! She is a tad weird and talks to her self a lot and we always hear her moaning how she will never be as intelligent as me etc or do as well at uni as i have etc ( now that makes me sound big headed)
But im just thinking now this is just another one of her jealousy things to try and put me down..well it wont work :)
Making other people look bad is just her way of trying to make herself look better. It won't work though!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I would probably say something to her. I would ask her outright why she said a certain thing and ask her to explain herself then watch her backtrack and squirm.

Or I'd lie and sat in image therapy you discussed people that may sabotage your diet and list the reasons why people do this and you now understand that things such as jealousy or people making snide comments normally means that person is....insecure, fearful, envious of your control or projecting their own issues onto you.

...that's just me, but I thrive on making people look at their own behaviours...you never know it may make her think before she opens her trap.

The main thing is not to let her grind you down. X
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I totally agree with Karen. You know who you are and well done for just getting on with it!


The Big One
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For every nasty little dig this woman makes I reckon your resolve to stick to plan will get that bit stronger. She is obviously terrified of you succeeding, thus being thin as well as super intelligent (!) and sees you as quite a threat. Silly woman should worry about herself as much as she does about you, she needs sorting out!


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you biggest revenge to this woman is on the scales every week. we all loose weight whilst eating the most gorgeous food, which not only makes us look better but is making us healthier on the inside. so while she may be a size 10, i am sure that her insides dont scream out "I am healthy" eating chocolate.xx
As much as I want to slap her by just reading this, I have to agree with those who say ignore her. When she's making her comments just smile sweetly and ignore her. And then when all the junk she's eating finally catches up on her, you can take great pleasure in offering her as much support as she's giving you-NONE!
Whatever her reasons, what she wants to do is get a reaction out of you.

When I had to deal with someone like this years ago, I found the perfect reaction - I laughed. This person was so taken aback, I realised that I had found the answer. I treated every snide remark as if it were a huge joke.

This worked for me in a meeting recently when someone was really rude to me. There was a long silence while other people waited to find out what my reaction would be, and then I laughed, so did everyone else, and the rude person was left sitting with his mouth open.
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Argh my brothers fiance is a very jealous person too and my family hate her! She's probably insulted and been rude to every one of us (especially all the women). She's on slimming world after having her third baby (she was slim anyway but wanted to loose the baby weight) and i'm trying to keep it a secret i'm on it because she'll have a field day with it!
She's a very sly horrible person too, when she was pregnant she once put her status on facebook as something along the lines of -
"can't wait to have my baby i'm not used to having a big FAT belly i dont know how fat people can stay as they are LOL"
I just had to reply to that one! It ended up with me and my sister having a big row with her about it because we knew it was a dig

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