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Just as I thought I had explained to hubby this morning about wanting to lose weight he tries to sabotage me.

We had this whole convo about 'not buying' a kfc for when my friend comes round later and cooking some chicken in the oven instead.

He just came in with a giant aero orange bar and told me it's for us to share.

I got cross with him needless to say. I said to him ..,

"Would you buy a recovering alcoholic a drink?" Think not.

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Ahhh, I feel for you Bobbi. :hug99:

My hubby is the same. I don't think he means to be, it is just the way he is. I have had to ignore all sorts of yummy treats this week and it has been hard. He even came back from shopping yesterday really proud with himself..."I've got you some Pepsi Max to drink whilst your doing this diet"! Already told him a few days ago I couldn't have it, only Coke zero or Dr P zero. Then he followed this with a baking session making lots of cakes and stuff. Arrrrggggghhhhhhh! :rant2:
Feel your pain hun. I told my new partner about the diet a couple weeks ago and he seemed to be fine about it, didnt ask much but didnt try to put me off. Then the other night walked in with 4 of my favourite kopparberg fruit ciders and an indian. All my faves! He thought he was bein nice, but i could have easily smashed the bottle over his head haha x
I have a similar problem with my partner. What is it about the men in our lives? Do they just want us to stay overweight? My partner is overweight and doesn't really want to buckle down and lose it. Any of you also have overweight partners? Maybe they don't want us looking better than them... :/


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Yeah my partner is not liking me looking good at all and similarly offering me pudding /alcohol and chocolate despite me explaining that it is a very low carb diet ,,,and if I eat any food it must be protein and veg (no dear bakewell tart and custard does not count as one of your 5 a day)

He is also overweight but in total denial and woke me up this morning with the words. "we don't eat well anymore . I haven't had a decent meal since you have been on this diet " .,,,,,,.........Grrrr


I can haz cake?
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Makes me glad that I'm single, lol...

Its hard to live with anyone when you're on a diet like this. My sister offered me chocolate buttons and all sorts of treats, without meaning anything by it... I think she opened her mouth to offer without thinking.

I'd love to just live on my own with nothing but exante in the kitchen cupboards hahaha XD
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my o/h is all skin and bone. he could do with putting on weight. he can eat for england and not gain a pound!
last time i did exante he hated me doing it but this time he is trying to be supportive even though he was trying to ram a caramac in my mouth last night :(


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S: 16st6lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(23.91%)
~I am glad I am not alone.

My husband has cholesterol of over 9 and I suspect he has diabetes too. I has stuck his head in the sand and kidded himself he was doing 'that diet-y thing' because he eats eggs and such like for breakfast ..then he forgets to low carb for the rest of the day and that sort of defeats the purpose. He has a huge bear belly and now I am happy to say I am thinner and smaller than him.
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god i'm glad it's not just me then girls! my boyfriend's fed up of me dieting and keeps buying me chocolate or asking if we can go out for dinner!!
maybe they're worried about the extra attention we'll get when we've lost the weight or that we'll want to find a hot new man to go with the hot new us so they wanna keep us fat haha :)


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My hubby is tiny at just 10 stone 7 and 6ft!! He can eat anything - life is sooooooooo not fair lol He is being very supportive - even though skinny women is not his thing lol but he is getting insecure and asking if I will still want him when I get to target - so I had to tell him this was for me, not him and not so I could get anyone else! Men! I think they just don't understand lol and I think most of them do like a lot to cuddle :D Hubby is alway mubling away about going to bed with a pile of bones when he sees very slim women lol
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my oh is the total opposite. he calls me a fatty and tells me to stop eating lol. he does it because i told him too, i also told my family and friends to call me a fatty boom boom and to make comments about me not wanting to back to where i started. hes the only one who does it and i love him for it. as i dont have the greatest of willpower i probably wouldve ate my way back up to 16st + by now. the only time hes mentioned me coming off plan was when i got too low in dec 2009. he actually said then that i had went too far and could i eat now?. dont get me wrong he is as complacent as every other man when every monday i say im back on plan but he perseveres and as he knows how much i want to get to goal hell support me in whatever way i tell him too. he seems to be gaining what im losing though... aach hes happy and i love him just the way he is lol. wish i could love me just the way i am... xx
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I did the cambridge diet when i lived by myself and it was great as i had no other food in the house whatsoever so no temptaion...now i live with my bf and he is a huge foody and loves cooking so always loads of food in the house, thankfully he is trying to lose a few pounds too, so no chocolate or crisps in, but i watch him in envy when he eats white bread sandwhiches and cheese and crackers! He does offer me food too, but i think its more thats what hes like.... than malicious. He supports me trying to lose weight as i've gained 1 and half stone since being with him! and he knows it gets me down but he'd rather i just ate healthy....which i tried and made no difference.
I think it is hard tho as a huge part of our relationship is cooking and having dinner parties and going out drinking, i may relax a bit on wknds as i still want to enjoy doing all those things but stay 100% on during the week. Fingers crossed - thankfully this wknd we are doing diy so no temptations! x

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